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The best day boarding school in Odisha

School with the Best CBSE Results

Aparna World School (AWS) in Jharsuguda is the best day boarding school all over Odisha which has scored the best CBSE results in 2020-2021. 53% of Aparnites scored above 90% marks and took the standards of excellence and education to a whole new level. It is the eclectic mix of our infrastructure, quality of education, faculty and our huge area we are based on that makes us the best day boarding school in Odisha.

Our Infrastructure

The school is set in a vast, green and serene environment of more than 18 acres. The campus inspires its students to excel at whatever they do. A large school made comprehensible through the notion of smaller communities- Schools within a School. The huge school buildings have an intricate interweaving of classrooms, places of meeting, work courts and extensive and beautiful play areas. These are landscapes which have a calming effect on the minds of the students and provide them an ideal environment to think, reflect and act.

Our Academics

The curriculum is designed keeping in mind our mission to unlock the budding talents of our excellent students. The only boarding school in Jharsuguda, Odisha, India, provides the best education that enables the students to become more efficient and achieve their short term as well as long-terms goals in their lives.

Our Co-Curricular

Holistic education being the need of the hour, our vision of a better India emerges from the best quality education which is wholesome and empowering. Our students have a broad spectrum of activities to choose from- visual arts, performing arts, Yoga, aero-modelling, debating, quizzing and many more. We are the top boarding school in Odisha and our students can participate in field trip projects and community initiatives.


Our students top the examinations but they also rule the field. Through excellent sport activities and facilities, we encourage our students to participate in sporting activities at the top boarding school in Odisha. This helps them to be physically as well as mentally fit and strong. We make them sportsmen and sportswomen of tomorrow through our k-12 learning academy to achieve team building skills and sportsman spirit.

Aparna World School, the best day boarding school in Odisha is now breaking all records be it in academics or co-curricular activities and our Aparnites our making us proud not just in Odisha but all over the country.

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