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Day boarding school at Jharsuguda

By December 24, 2021Blog, uncategorized
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Top day boarding school all over Odisha and the only day boarding school in Jharsuguda

Aparna World School is the top day boarding school all over Odisha and the only day boarding school in Jharsuguda. Our cutting edge infrastructure and top faculty exposure and attention to academics has fetched our students, our excellent Aparnites the best CBSE results in 2020-2021. 53% of our students scored 90% and above marks in their examinations.

Being a day boarding school there are umpteen number of advantages which help our students achieve the best of their abilities.

An Intricately Planned Day

Each day is planned keeping holistic education in mind with academics, sports and co-curricular activities forming their entire day.

Support to Parents

With such a set-up parents are sure of their child’s education, growth and safety without compromising on their work life.

Better Social Skills

When students interact with classmates from different cultural, economic and social backgrounds, their social and inter-personal skills improve magnificently. They develop empathy and understanding towards fellow mates, which is the most important quality for any individual to have.


Day boarding schools are less expensive since they do not provide hostel facilities but offer every other facility such as meals, health, security measures, co-curricular, infrastructure, etc. At Aparna World School, we give high emphasis to our academics and infrastructure which has made us the best day boarding school all over Odisha.

Availability of Parents

A day boarding school does not undermine the involvement of a parent in the all round development of a child. After school when they go to their house, they understand the meaning of warmth of family and love which is an extremely important part of excellent education.

Through our world class facilities we aspire to provide an education which is set at International standards and it is this quality of ours that makes us the best day boarding school all over Odisha with the best CBSE results in 2021-2021.

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