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Aparnaa Gurukul

Aparnaa Gurukul is a Venture of the Famous Aparnaa World School. It is a pocket-friendly approach to Quality Education, that Aparnaa World School is famous for! We make sure that the students are given all the exposure they can get for their overall development. As the name suggests it is a Gurukul with the beautiful Indian Culture as its foundation.

With the state of the art technology, residence & faculty, we strive for the holistic development of the child.

We know that Academics is a great part of a child’s life. It’s not only about knowledge of books, but also the knowledge of the world.

As Aparnaa Gurukul comes under the umbrella of Aparnaa World School, we have the access to the best syllabus & faculty to design a study culture that helps in the growth of the child.

A person in the modern world requires to have creativity at its highest. But, creativity has to be cultured from a very small age.

Thus, in Aparnaa Gurukul, we ensure that the child has access to as many extracurriculars as possible so that the growth of the creative side is at its peak. Also, the teachers keep an eye on every child and their talent.

Physical well-being is an important part of human life. It helps the person to be the best he/she can be. Therefore, sports are a required thing in every student’s life.

Thus, we make sure that our students are getting all the facilities they require to be the best in their chosen sport. This helps in the overall growth of the child.

Food is really important for a growing kid. Thus we make sure that the nutrients in the food are well balanced & healthy for the children.

With prior experience in creating well-balanced meals in Aparnaa World School, Aparnaa Gurukul has good & balanced food for the proper growth of the child.

Aparnaa World School has this dream to impart education to the less privileged in society. With this dream, Aparnaa Gurukul has been established in Laikera, Odisha.

Education is easy on your pocket with no compromises in its quality.

With the right knowledge & mindset, we know that the kids will flourish. Also, we keep making sure that they are active in both the extracurriculars and their classes.

This ensures holistic development of the kid which makes them ready for the upcoming challenge that is life.


“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever”
-– Mahatma Gandhi

Best Boarding School in Odisha with Holistic Education

Aparnaa World School, the 1st Boarding School of Jharsuguda, is a premier institution of Odisha focused on providing a comprehensive education. Also, the boarding school offers a vivid educational environment that enriches the students’ identity with knowledge through innovation and transforms them into globally responsible citizens. Furthermore, It encourages multiple learning techniques to bring about holistic growth and development of its students.

A World-Class Infrastructure

Set in a serene and green environment of more than 18 acres, the campus hopes to inspire students to excel. Also, A large school made comprehensible through the notion of smaller communities – Schools within a School. Therefore, The campus is organized as clusters of age groups. Each cluster has its own identity, with an intricate interweaving of classrooms, places of meeting, work courts, and play areas. Places where the eye can rest and the mind can contemplate. Being one of the Best CBSE schools in Odisha, Aparnaa World School provides its students with a homely and nurturing environment within its residential facilities.

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