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School Reopening in Odisha

Basic Information

Aparnaa World School is the fulfillment of our dream to create an educational edifice
which would provide quality education to the kids and young adults of Jharsuguda.
Aparnaa World School is a private, co-educational school in Jharsuguda, Odisha affiliated
to the Central Board of Secondary Education(CBSE).
The school is owned and managed by the Aparnaa Foundation.


Ours is a school with a head, a heart, and a soul; we are proud of our connect with student needs and aspirations.
The school aspires not simply to adapt to the constant changes in the needs of its learners and the society they will create,
but to harness and accelerate that change in all ways it can. This ambitious goal has all its members constantly reinventing
themselves, and creating personalized, differentiated solutions for every learner. Our curriculum is designed so as to unlock
the budding talent of the students by providing a thriving, dynamic and challenging environment. The education provided
enables the students to become more efficient to achieve, with increasing facility, the legitimate goals of their life.


To empower our students to be compassionate, responsive to our culture and heritage,
academically excelling and holistic persons with a scientific temper in an environment
of sharing and caring.


Comprehensive education for holistic development of individual personality with a humane touch.

Core Values

Respect for Learning
Respect for People
Respect for Environment

CBSE Affiliation

The school meets all mandatory requirements as per the CBSE bye-laws.

Chairman’s Message

“We are committed to create the as-semblance and balance between tradition & modernity for our Sanskaar and Sanskriti which is the epitome of the roots of our students with a promising future.”

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A Committee consisting of the following 05 (Five) members is constituted for Grievance/Complaint Redressal.The Committee formation was advised by the Deputy Secretary,(Affiliation.) Central Board of Secondary Education, Delhi vide letter No:CBSE/AFFL./3/Circular/2016 Date:29-09-2016 for a period of 03 (three) years from October 2016 to September 2019, in order to look after the related matter.

1Mr. Manoj Kumar Panda (Principal)Chairperson/Principal
2Mr. Ashok Jain (Senior Faculty)Member
3Mrs. D.J Mishra (Principal, Navodaya School)Member
4Mrs. Aparna Kaviraj (TGT Member)Member
5Mrs. Nutan Sharma (Teacher)Member


The Present members of the Complaints Committee to deal with the complaints of sexual harassment in accordance with the guidelines laid down by the Supreme Court of India relating to sexual harassment of women workers at work places and students are as follows.

1Mr. Manoj Kumar Panda (Principal)Chairperson/Principal
2Dr.Babita (Gynaecologist)Member
 3Ms.Preeti Poddar  (Representative of Management)Member
 4Mrs.Shipra Agrawal  (Representative of,Admin)Member
 5Mrs. Mamta Naik  (School Manager)Member
 6Mr. Girija Shankar Hota  (Senior Teacher)Member
 7Mr. Prasanta Maharana (BA, LLB)Member

We are passionate about providing a Holistic Education to our children 

Aparnaa World School is a CBSE Affiliated English Medium School. We have admissions open for students up to Class XI for Boarders and Day Boarders.

APARNAA World School is
an Aparnaa Foundation Initiative

Excellent Infrastructure

Schools within a School.  Our campus is organized as clusters of age groups. Each cluster has its own identity, with intricate interviewing classrooms, places of meeting work courts and play areas.

Day Boarding and Boarding Facilities

An extended  day school and a residential school which allows the pupil to time to work on co- curricular & extra – curricular purists. This also provides them an opportunity to revise, reflect and remedy academic concepts and work.

C.B.S.E. Affiliated

Our school follows the C.B.S.E. Curriculum. The school offers learning up to Class XI. Subsequent one class will be added each year up to Class XII.

Library & Resources

The Library features a wide array of books – general subject to curriculum resources, a large collection of literary masterpieces, latest computing facilities and well stocked labs.


Physical education and well-being is integral to our work. Track and Field event, Cricket, Football, Basketball, Table-tennis are part of the routine. A Swimming Pool has also been added this year.


They are the cornerstone of our institution. They are the guiding light and the curators of the nascent minds in the school. We take special care in selecting them, attention is paid towards training and continuous capacity development.

What our existing parents have to say about us

What I really found appealing was the openness - of the staff and management, the infrastructure, campus, classroom. I liked the approach to education and am confident my daughter will be nurtured well here.

Parent of Child in Class 4

The day boarding concept has been a boon for us. It has ensured that my child get exposure to various activities and sports. I also like the approach to stress free teaching and learning.

Parent of Class 2 Child

We joined the school last year. This year when the school moved to the main campus we were worried. But now after seeing the arrangements and the staff we are very happy. When we went to the mail school with my child he was so happy when he learnt that this was going to be his school.

Parent of UKG Child
Acres Campus
Students a Class
Students per staff
Square foot of Covered Area

We Are Educators. We Are Innovators. We Are APARNAA

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