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Summer Vacation Holidays In Odisha

Summer Vacations are Necessary

With summer setting in, the daily school schedule is being interrupted by tremendous suffering caused by the heatwave. The rising temperature in Odisha has forced the government to take the decision to give early summer vacations in Odisha. A 5-day holiday due to heatwave was given from 26th April to 30th April. Regarded as the best CBSE school in Jharsuguda, Aparnaa World School has complied with the summer vacation guidelines in Odisha and has decided to relieve its students from the tall task of braving the heat to get to school. Moreover, the season of summer and the spirit of the holidays bring much life and energy to one’s soul and marks the new beginnings of life’s cycle in nature. Thus, well-rounded individuals like Aparnites are set to make the best of their summer vacations.

Scope for Self-Discovery

As ‘summer’ marks the beginning of the 6 grand seasons of the Indian subcontinent, summer vacations in Odisha offer a great opportunity to discover and learn new things in new forms. Be it hobbies, homework, assignments, projects, or passionate individual endeavors, there is always something new and exciting to explore. The excellent students of AWS know how to make the best use of the summer vacation holidays in Odisha. Through different engagements and activities, they take out time to rejuvenate themselves with an exciting blend of academic pursuits and exploration of their own interests during summers.

Beat the Heat with Aparnaa World School

On one hand, we excel in providing the best education as guided by the CBSE curriculum to Aparnites throughout the year, thus channeling their intelligent minds into great academic and artistic pursuits. On the other hand, we care about the personal space of our students too. With the onset of the summer vacation holidays in Odisha, we proudly provide our students the liberty to explore the summer seasons with interest, enthusiasm and the freedom to choose what they wish to do. Thus, with a heart full of summer memories and a mind full of anticipation for the resumption of classes, the voyage into the ocean of knowledge continues…

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