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Best School Teachers

Importance of a Teacher

“True teachers are those who help us think for ourselves”, said Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, the second president of India (1962-67) and the person whose birthday is celebrated as “Teacher’s Day”. During the academic years of a student, it is the ‘teacher’ with whom the student spends most of their time. The best school teachers are those who can mold anyone into an excellent student. World-class facilities of an excellent school, along with the best school teachers and our hardworking students, the Aparnites themselves, help Aparnaa World School excel in the field of education and learning.

Friend, Philosopher, Guide

In ancient times, the great philosopher Aristotle was Alexander’s friend, philosopher and guide. Aristotle accompanied Alexander on his expeditions and taught him to ask the right ‘questions’ whenever in a doubt or dilemma. This is how the best school teachers can become the friend, philosopher, and guide of students too. A great teacher understands their students and cares about them as a ‘friend’, bestows knowledge and enriches their thinking capacity just like a ‘philosopher’, and gives advice and direction like a ‘guide’. The deep relationship of admiration, love, and respect between the best school teachers and students is formed in this way.

The Great Faculty of AWS

With an exhaustive list of prerequisites & criteria, we carefully select the best school teachers for nurturing our Aparnites. In order to achieve the best CBSE results in academics, our faculty focuses on the overall holistic development of our students. Besides providing the assistance that one comes to expect from a constant companion, our faculty strives to make our students well-informed and well-rounded individuals. The various co-curricular activities taking place in Aparnaa World School are conducted by the best school teachers hailing from different specializations.

If you are looking for an excellent CBSE school with the best teachers for your child so that they excel in the future, look no further than Aparnaa World School, the best CBSE school in Jharsuguda.

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