Prayer Time

Educational Tour

To put learning into practice. The students at Aparnaa get an opportunity to visit different places through tour organized every year.

Social Activities

A person’s behavioral traits and outlook towards life is as much a mirror of his personality as his intellectual capabilities. We make sure that no matter what their age, students should be able to
hold conversations with people from every walk of life.

Performing Arts

Dance, drama and other performing arts will be promoted through activities of clubs. Dance – Indian and contemporary will be imparted to the keen learners. Amphitheatre constructed for dramatics has proper ambiance to nurture young stars.

After School Clubs

Through dedicated time and space the club activities such as Heritage club, Cyber club, Eco club, Math club, Science club  etc, will engage the students and sustain their interest.


Library the store house of knowledge of information will be the focal point of teachers and students. Ample access to print and non-print media with latest updates will support the knowledge base of AWS.