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During the all-important higher secondary years of a student’s life, they are not only preparing to ace their Class XII board exams. The students are also preparing to sit in the various entrance tests that are going to determine their careers in the medical or engineering fields.

Every year, lacs of candidates sit for the exams with only a few thousand getting the chance to study at the institution of their choice. In order to ace highly competitive exams such as NEET PG and JEE, one needs to prepare in a structured manner to ensure there is no gap in their learning.

Aparnaa World School is proud to play an important role in shaping great engineering and medical minds of the future by introducing its NEET PG and JEE coaching classes. Our integrated courses are aimed at producing your child’s best results in the most important entrance exams of their young lives.

Although the dates for this year’s NEET PG may get postponed (according to the news when this blog was written), the exam will probably be conducted no later than May 2022 and the long JEE exam schedule will come to a close in June.

We wish good luck to all candidates and if your child is a student in Jharsuguda who is preparing for the NEET PG and JEE exams, make sure he is enrolled at the integrated course for NEET PG and JEE at Aparnaa World School.