?> Ways to ensure child safety at the best school in Odisha

Ways to ensure children Safety at Home or in School

Parents worry about bullying, emergencies, and other creepy incidents while kids start critical development years. It is essential to take preventive measures to avoid dangerous situations. As the best school in Odisha, Aparnaa World School aims at providing all aspects of safety knowledge whether at home or in school.

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As a parent, you are bound to be worried about your child’s safety, whether at home or outside.

  • Spend more time with the kids. Ask your children about their day and listen carefully, so that they can feel safer.
  • Create a virtual situation for your child and see how they would react if faced with a challenge.
  • Explain the difference between good touch and bad touch.
  • Taught them to beware of strangers in outside.
  • If the child is having any medical problem, inform about it to the school.
  • Inform your child to move in a group or with friends while walking alone or outside from home.
  • Children should remember their full name, home address, phone number.


While taking admissions for children, safety and security is the main fear for parents. Strict protecting security action helps keeping parents and students comfortable and secure.

  • It is important to create a safe environment in school where children can feel safe and learn and develop themselves.
  • All school staffs should be hired from authorized agencies with proper police verification.
  • Students should always in surveillance of CCTV cameras in school premises and security guards must be there every time.
  • Openness of outsiders to be limited or should be recorded.
  • Good security measures for swimming pool, fire safety, earthquake safety and electrical insulation safety are must be there at school.
  • Regular health checkups, filtered water, first aid box, separate girls’ and boys’ toilet must be necessary in the school.
  • Safety standards should be followed in the bus.
  • All school staff should know the name of the guardian of the student.

Aparnaa World School, one of the best schools in Odisha all concerned about the safety of children at school. Children safety is our top most priority. We provide safety related awareness activities for children, providing dual Identity cards, 24×7 CCTV surveillance, safe and secure school environment few makes the school an ideal safe place for the children. For more follow our blog here.