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The value of private school education in Odisha

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Every year, when parents make a decision to send their children a public school or, to apply in a private school they take a big leap faith on the education system. Though the Indian education ecosystem hasn’t changed much over the years but the metrics have. Schools have been evolving since the start with aesthetics, methodologies and visions. Today, categorically we see schools in two different types – public schools and private schools. While both entertain different approaches and concepts for imparting knowledge, the central idea remains same.Aparnaa World School is one of the best private schools in Jharsuguda, Odisha that is changing the conventional ways of teaching and learning in many ways.

In the following points we gonna discuss broadly about both the pillars of schooling and compare to see if private school education stands out to the public schools:

  • Better Environment and Community feel

 When it comes to better infrastructure and productive environment, Private schools hold a competitive advantage over public schools. Students here enjoy more creative freedom, additional facilities and exposure to better opportunities. According to one of the best private schools in Odisha – Aparnaa World School, a healthy and dynamic environment encourages student to be more expressive and interactive with their peers. A sense of belongingness develops among them, and they start growing like a community.best school in Odisha


  • Continuously Improving Standards 

Learning approach at public schools tend to be more lenient and based on traditional trial and tested methods whereas Private schools are always putting in continuous efforts to improve their standards and stay relevant with the current times. Curriculum and syllabus are revised every year to make learning more efficient and intuitive.

  • Teacher is to student ratio

One of the significant differences often observed between public and a private school is the overall teacher is to student ratio. Classroom with balanced ratio can offer more productive atmosphere and scope for one-to-one interaction in comparison to crowded classrooms with indefinite student strength. Schools like AWS have classrooms with student ratio is to teacher ratios as low as 15:1.

  • Extra-curricular activities

Extracurricular are an integral part of education as they induce life skills and practical knowledge with education. Children discover their hidden talents and polish their skills which contribute to an all-round development. Apparently private schools have been more flexible and welcoming to introduce more extra-curricular activities than public schools. These activities can include performing arts, sports, field trips, oration clubs etc.

  • Parental Involvement

 In private schools like Aparnaa, parental involvement is encouraged strongly though parent teacher meetings, annual sessions, etc. to improve the education experience. Aparnaa World School puts extra efforts to establish good relationships between the parents and staff. Transparency, dedication and attention to detail make Aparnaa Worlds school one of the best private schools in Odisha.

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