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The Role of Education Technology

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The role of Education Technology

Education Technology is also known as EduTech. It is a combination of computer hardware, software, education theory & practices. All of these are used together to increase the conceptual learning 7 academic results. We being one of the best CBSE schools in Jharsuguda, thought to let you know how our students benefit from the different education technologies used in the school.

How do we use Education Technology in our school

  • Kreedo Materials: These are materials used for teaching the pre-primary kids. This is used for working on the basics of the child. The basics may include motor skills, oration skills, Knowledge & many more.


  • Basic Labs: Basic labs like the mathematics lab, science lab & computer labs are used to enhance the child’s understanding of the respective subject. These are done for the primary students.


  • Smart Classrooms: The smart classrooms in the school help the teacher to teach the students with a visual & audio platform. This increases the focus of the students in the subjects. Due to the audio & visual representations, the attention of the child is unparalleled.


  • Internet Learning: The children are always encouraged to use the internet to gather as much data as possible related to the subject taught in the classroom. This trains our students to use the internet for better purposes & their knowledge base also increases.


  • Advanced Labs: Advanced labs are designed for specific targets in mind. There are Physics, Chemistry, Biology & computer lab for this purpose. These labs help us to impart in-depth knowledge to the students with practical knowledge.


  • Digital Study Materials: These study materials include much software designed for specific parts of a subject study. These softwares provide interactive sessions to the child to enhance his knowledge & conceptual learning.


  1. Increase in the student’s attention to the specific subject.
  2. Use of technology to track the child’s academic performance.
  3. Increase in academic performance of the child.
  4. It triggers conceptual learning in the child.
  5. Problem-solving skills of the student are increased.
  6. Children get friendly to technologies for help in their studies.

At Aparnaa World School, one of the best CBSE schools in Jharsuguda takes the help of the education technologies to enhance our education.

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