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The Essence of Education

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Since ages, Education has been an integral part of society and now, with changing times, it too has seen many developments. Long years of research and developments brought many important and significant changes to education. Be it, the National Education Policy of 2020 or efforts taken up many educationists and researchers, one thing is sure that the Schools now must understand the values of emotional well being. The sudden outbreak of news and stories about depression since the last 5 months has led to a very serious issue that has been addressed at the earliest with sensitivity-“What is success really worth?”

As a School, we need to realise that its high time for us to sensitize the topic of a child’s emotional well being.

As it is always said-” A Happy mind can only produce Happy results !”

It is very important for best school in Jharsuguda to focus on the happiness of a child more than his/ her grades. It’s very important for educators to make sure that the child is happy in the process of learning. This will ensure the connection between the educator and the child is intact and very happy. This is where learning is at its best.

Also looking into the current scenario, where children are exposed to too much online content, the role of an educator has changed with times. Gone are those days, when teachers were the ONLY source of learning for students. In the modern era, the availability of too much content online has challenged the relationship between the child and the teacher. In this scenario, the educator is more than just a content provider to the child. He/ She has to ensure that the child is motivated enough to take up the respective subject just by seeing the same love and respect for the subject the concerned teacher teaches.

This is not any rocket science, just a thought which one of the best school in Jharsuguda believes in. At Aparnaa World School, every member of the Aparnaa family believes in understanding the child first even before the learning starts. Tools like “Know Your Child”, activity-based-learning and use of modern tools in education have ensured that there is Happiness all around.

In the end, We put the pen down by quoting one of the best educators of our country, Sir J.Krishnamurthy –

“You go to a School for Learning, but, in the end, what you take away-
is the Experience!”

Happy Learning

Stay Safe

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