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CBSE Sample question papers for X & XII

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Class 10th and 12th scores

Class 10th and 12th scores acts as a deciding factor on pursuing the subjects or a particular stream that a student is interested in. Marks scored in class 10 board exams will act as a key factor for getting admission in higher secondary schools of your choice as well.

Class 12th marks are of “supreme importance” for boosting your career ahead. Based on the marks you score, you gain admission to your preferred college or university. Good scores also facilitate college admission interviews.

CBSE Sample question papers

CBSE Sample question papers for X & XII are mock tests and help a student before the actual exam. Sample papers are important preparation material used by almost all students during revision for their board exams. Solving sample papers helps a student to understand the pattern of the question paper and the marking scheme of the board question paper.

Best guidance at Aparnaa World School

At Aparnaa World School, our faculty makes sure the young scholars get the best guidance and practice. Our Teachers fully prepare the students with detailed notes and guide them on the smart way of answering the questions.

Solving & Practicing CBSE Sample question papers

Solving CBSE Sample question papers is like giving board exams beforehand and gives students an edge of realizing their mistakes and highlighting areas of improvement with guidance and expertise of our Teachers.

Practicing CBSE Sample papers is important because they help identify the difficulty level of questions and also figure out the repeated sequence of questions.

The CBSE Sample papers are attempted and concepts are simplified and covers the below aspects –

  • Clarity and understanding of the question pattern
  • Improving time and speed of writing answers
  • Self-assessment of your weak and strong subjects
  • Rectifying your mistakes and avoiding silly mistakes
  • Boost your confidence and overcome fear of Board exams

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Best School in Jharsuguda paving paths for a Bright Future

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During the foundation years, education to the children should be catered in such a way that it becomes a part of their daily life but not a burden. Many schools often forget this and push students into a rat race that brings fallacy and generates peer pressure hampering the growth of a child. Breaking all such stigmas, Aparnaa World School – a day boarding school in Jharsuguda  and also a best school in jharsuguda is focusing on value-driven education that is empowering students to exceed in different fields. 

Ranked among Top 10 CBSE schools in Odisha, Aparnaa World School is making buzz as one of the best day boarding schools in Jharsuguda and Odisha. It is one of a kind school in the western Odisha that is pushing all boundaries to induce more interactive and practical methods of learnings overpowering the traditional processes. At AWS, we believe that education is beyond and not limited to classrooms and every child has its own pace. Each and every child is given equal attention and opportunities to focus on their individual abilities and grow better at each step.

Aparnaa World School aims at building better students that contribute to society in every way. Students when engaged in recreational activities and nurtured in an environment that emphasizes more on absorbing the knowledge that learning lessons, they grow into being wiser and more confident. We, at AWS believe that education stands on the foundation of values and modernity. Aparnaa World School being the best day boarding school in Jharsuguda is the fulfillment of our dream to create an educational edifice which would provide quality education to the kids and young adults.