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Advantages of home tutoring when CBSE schools near you are teaching online

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The Covid situation has forced every school near you to conduct online classes only. Aparnaa World School perfected the idea of online home tutoring during last year’s lockdown.

The two major challenges of online home tutoring is maintaining the quality of education and ensuring discipline. Since students cannot attend school, however near or far they may live from it, we made sure that students do not forget the seriousness associated with classroom learning. Thus, in order to neutralize the distractions at home, Aparnaa follows a fixed schedule of classes which students have to log into wearing proper school uniform.

We encourage our students to pick and stick to a corner of their house when attending online home tutorials and not study from their beds. We believe it is best to teach a single subject in a day and students be given requisite homework.

Not one but two teachers are involved in online home tutoring. One teacher has the onus of teaching while the other’s duty is to maintain discipline. Even though the students are nowhere near their school, they get a slice of the school experience since compulsory and timely attendance is taken for every class. The online sessions also get surprise visits from the Principal. This not only makes home tutoring akin to classroom learning, it also gives a nearly school-like feel to Aparnaa’s online classrooms.