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Examinations are a nightmare for all the students. Students get stressed as the exam approaches, be it as a topper or any average-performing student. But examination is an important part of the education system as it a parameter to evaluate how much the students have learned in the session.

It is a myth when someone says that, you should study for 12-14 hours per day to score well in examinations. The fact is that if you study 3-4 hours, with full concentration, then also you can score well. It is all about balancing the syllabus and time.

Aparnaa World School, the top boarding school in Jharsuguda prepares the students for examinations by providing them all the educational support they require. Here are some of the tips noted down, which might help the students to prepare for the examination.

  •         Start early – It is not possible to complete the whole syllabus in just 1-2 days or the night before the exam. Even if one attempts to do so, they will just overburden themselves. So to stay in touch with the syllabus, you must keep revising the portions taught in class; be it trigonometry of Mathematics or theory of Physics. To keep the students in the loop, Aparnaa one of the best Jharsuguda Schools keep arranging weekly tests and quizzes for the students.
  •          Make a schedule and follow – Students should prepare a proper schedule where they mention how much time to be dedicated to which portion of the syllabus. Preparing the schedule helps you to allocate what amount of time you should spend on a particular topic.
  •         Set an approach for preparation – If the students follow a particular approach for preparing, then it makes their task easy to learn. There are many approaches that you can follow, including preparing pointwise notes, making diagrams, making charts or whichever approach suits you. Our faculty, at the top boarding school in Jharsuguda, teaches the students with all possible approaches that are easily understood by students.
  •         Take breaks – students should take a short break, time to time from the studies and have a rest or involve in other activities that fit in their schedule. Continuous studying will just increase the pressure of studying.  At Jharsuguda schools, especially in Aparnaa, we take it seriously.
  •         Don’t try to mug up, understand the concept – When you mug up the answers, you only attempt to memorize it and don’t learn anything from it. It might help you in the examination but is not helpful for the long term. That is why it is important to understand the core concept of the chapter and keep it in the long term knowledge.  We make the students understand the chapter in the best way possible so that they remember the concept for the long term.
  •         Clear doubts with faculty/mentors – Whenever you have a doubt in any portion of the subject, then clear that doubt with the respective teacher before its too late. The teachers of Aparnaa, the top boarding school in Jharsuguda are always available to clear the doubts of the students.
  •         Have a plenty sleep – Generally, the students are in stress on the day before the exam and stay awake late nights to study. Students should never do this, as it not only affects their health, but also the students lose focus while studying when they are sleep deprived. 
  •         Don’t evaluate post – exam – Many students are curious to know about their performance in the exam, so they try comparing the notes and answers they have written. This evaluation post – examination gives more stress to the students.

Aparnaa World School, the top boarding school in Jharsuguda, teach and train the students to perform well in the examination and learn the chapters which will be helpful to build a great career. The faculty at Jharsuguda schools, especially in Aparnaa, are well-trained to educate the students by making the optimum use of available resources with school.

Best Boarding schools in Odisha

How Best Boarding Schools in Odisha Empower Students

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At the point when children feel enabled, they can accomplish extraordinary things. Due to this most of the best boarding schools in Odisha provides students with plentiful chances to investigate their interests. By doing this, students can decide their goals and objectives which is the first step to attempt new things. By offering a rich assortment of these sorts of encounters, students are urged to feel engaged to accomplish their earnings. Here we have listed a few ways using which the top boarding schools will help students to achieve their career goals.

Provides Excellent Counseling

Best boarding schools in Odisha hold experienced teaching and non-teaching staff. They interact with students regularly to understand the specific requirements of students and guide them to add value in their journey towards success. Children get both one-on-one and in-class college advising, which causes them to figure out which field suits them. This counseling helps the student to apply to their optimal field of study and what scholastic, athletic and additional curricular accomplishments they have to finish and gain acknowledgement to their fantasy school.

Best Boarding schools in Odisha help Students to Gain a Sense of Independence

A boarding and day school condition gives a perfect domain to adolescents to develop. For a significant number of our loading up students, this is one of the primary occasions they will be far from home for an expanded time frame. The experience, which might challenge at first, shows understudies their very own inherent capacities, assembles certainty and a feeling of achievement.

All students have a lot of chances to move and cut their own way. Whether your children need to begin any social activity, make another club, consider abroad or take an interest in a testing open-air endeavor, boarding schools allow them to do so. By doing this, the best boarding schools in Odisha encourage an expansive scope of chances to enable students to build up the certainty and autonomy to achieve these things.

Opportunities for Personal Exploration

At best boarding schools in odisha, students are urged to be intelligent about their experience and the things they find while taking an interest in an assorted scope of scholarly, athletic and imaginative exercises on grounds. Teachers help the students to propel themselves out of their usual range of familiarity and attempt new things. This is how the boarding schools guarantee that every student feels they can accomplish anything and enhance their performance.

However, the Aparnaa World School , Jharsuguda,Odisha gives students career counseling, guidance, advice and many more to help the students achieve their career goals. All our teaching and non-teaching staff is enthusiastic about helping students to achieve their individual potential and set their career goals high.