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Monsoon & Plantation

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The rainy season is worshiped & the most celebrated season in India. The monsoon in India gives our crops water, cools our environment & gives the country relief from the intense summer that precedes.

The plants look beautiful in the season of Monsoon.

Aparnaa world school, being the best boarding school in western Odisha, has a tradition of planting tender plants at the start of monsoon. This tradition of ours helps us to keep our environment clean & healthy. The collection includes all kinds of trees, shrubs & plants.

Following are a few plants & their benefits:

Bottle Palm: Bottle Palm is also known as Hyophorbe lagenicaulis, is an attractive palm tree. The tree can grow to a height of 10-12 feet. The best feature of the tree is its arching leaves that can grow up to 10 feet, as long as the tree. They are suited for the warm climate like in Jharsuguda, Odisha, India.

They are lined in front of the entrance gate of Aparnaa World School, Jharsuguda, India. After they have fully grown, they will add to the beauty of the school.

Bottle Palm trees in the makeshift nursery for the time being. They will be shifted to their desired place after the trees are acquainted with the soil.

Mango Plants: The mango trees are the evergreen plants, which means that they remain a green whole of the year. They are tropical trees and can grow up to 35-40 meters, in height. Mango trees are reputed to live around 300 years, with the evergreen leaves it to produces oxygen like no other. It keeps the air rich in oxygen & bears the tasty delights, mangos.

These trees will clean the air in the school to keep the students healthy. These trees will do it for a whole of the year & decades to come.

Guava Plants: Like the mango trees, the guava trees are also evergreen. Slightly smaller in comparison to the mango trees, they are reputed to live for decades. These trees make the environment clean & hygienic. These tropical plants give us the Guava Fruit, one of a kind fruit that is cultivated all over India in every season.

These tropical trees will keep the air rich with oxygen. It can do it for the whole of the year & decades to come.

Collection of all the plants in our school.

Ficus Plants: Ficus Plants also know as Ficus Benjamina, mainly grows in the tropical forest ecosystems. Being a tropical plant it remains a green whole of the year. The Ficus Plants are considered auspicious in most of the world religions, symbolizing fertility.

These plants can grow into trees & with their evergreen property will produce an ample amount of oxygen 24×7 & 365 days. They will also add to the beauty of the school’s gardens, motivating the students towards a greener world.

Golden Dewdrop Plants: Golden Dewdrop also known as Duranta Erecta is a species of flowering shrub. They are native to South America & Caribbean. They are also known as Pigeon Berry or Skyflower. They are one of the most beautiful flowering plants in the world bearing orange berries & pretty blue flowers.

They are lined beside the pathways, to lighten the mood of people walking by them.

Golden Dewdrops Plant.

Tecoma Plants: These plants are also known as trumpet bush, because of their looks. They are shrubs or small trees with very beautiful yellow flowers. They come in the vine family of plants, which means that they are creepers & they look really beautiful on the school premises.

The Conclusion:

The plants are an important part of our ecosystem & we at Aparnaa World School, respect that. We plant all these trees to help our ecosystem, environment & atmosphere. Following are the benefits of the mentioned plantation drive:

-They provide an oxygen-rich environment.

-They increase the beauty of the school, in turn keeping the students mentally sound.

-They take down the ambient temperature of the school.

-At last, they help in reducing the carbon footprint of the school.

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Redefining the Education Ecosystem of Jharsuguda

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Gone is the days when education for girls only meant home science and for the boys, woodwork. The definition of knowledge has changed constantly over time and have become utmost important if not relevant a few decades ago. The new age of learning has eradicated all the stigmas and discrimination, making it easier for everyone to seek knowledge. Patriarchal mindsets that restricted the education and proper upbringing of a girl child years ago have now started to vanish giving same platforms for both boys and girls. If you are looking for the nearest boarding school, then Aparnaa World School is best.

With one step at a time, Aparnaa World School – a modern-day gurukul in the charming town of Jharsuguda is transforming the education ecosystem in western Odisha. Being one of the nearest boarding schools in Jharsuguda, AWS is a home to many students from different communities and classes that facilitates a mix of divine culture.

Nearest boarding school
Ranked among the boarding schools for girls, Aparnaa World School provides best in class facilities to its wards. Separate hostels for girls and boys with proper hygiene and round the clock surveillance, a team of friendly staff to take care and fulfill all the needs, flexible study time, healthy nutrition, ample recreational activities, etc make AWS the best and nearest boarding school in Jharsuguda. Aparnaa World School has also initiated special incentives and awareness programs to highlight the importance of educating the girl child. It is one of the best boarding schools for girls in the locality that welcomes every child irrespective of any diversity and treats everyone with equal importance.

boarding schools for girls

Children grow better in a safe and positive environment when their surrounding is secure, they can concentrate on other aspects without any deviation. AWS is one of the nearest boarding schools in Jharsuguda that is ensuring all-round development of every child in a fruitful environment. Students are taught to become more efficient and respectful towards their work and peers. Aparnaa World School is also one of the best boarding schools for girls that makes a homely ambiance for its borders.

Best School in Jharsuguda paving paths for a Bright Future

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During the foundation years, education to the children should be catered in such a way that it becomes a part of their daily life but not a burden. Many schools often forget this and push students into a rat race that brings fallacy and generates peer pressure hampering the growth of a child. Breaking all such stigmas, Aparnaa World School – a day boarding school in Jharsuguda  and also a best school in jharsuguda is focusing on value-driven education that is empowering students to exceed in different fields. 

Ranked among Top 10 CBSE schools in Odisha, Aparnaa World School is making buzz as one of the best day boarding schools in Jharsuguda and Odisha. It is one of a kind school in the western Odisha that is pushing all boundaries to induce more interactive and practical methods of learnings overpowering the traditional processes. At AWS, we believe that education is beyond and not limited to classrooms and every child has its own pace. Each and every child is given equal attention and opportunities to focus on their individual abilities and grow better at each step.

Aparnaa World School aims at building better students that contribute to society in every way. Students when engaged in recreational activities and nurtured in an environment that emphasizes more on absorbing the knowledge that learning lessons, they grow into being wiser and more confident. We, at AWS believe that education stands on the foundation of values and modernity. Aparnaa World School being the best day boarding school in Jharsuguda is the fulfillment of our dream to create an educational edifice which would provide quality education to the kids and young adults.

Aparnaa World School – Pioneering Quality Education in Odisha

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Quality education has the power to transform societies in a single generation and as Henry Ford says – “Education is pre-eminently a matter of quality but not amount”. Schools are the stepping stones of one’s future that hold major influence on a growing individual, hence choosing one right institution is utmost important. AparnaaWorldSchool is among the popular boarding schools in Odisha that is ensuring quality and progressive education standards for its students.

Boarding schools in Odisha


Aparnaa World School is one of the highly acclaimed and celebrated pre-boarding schools of Odisha situated in the city of Jharsuguda known for its qualitative teaching. It is one critically designed educational institution that throws
light on more practical learning experiences and doesn’t encourage rote learning. Students here enjoy creative and linguistic freedoms to build themselves as more outspoken and confident.

Rising above the mainstream, Aparnaa World School is one of the popular boarding schools in Odisha that is changing the conventional ways of teaching and learning in many ways. Infrastructure designed by international collaborations
and curriculum planned with global exposure, AWS stands true to its name as a world school. Topics taught are relevant to the changing times and more intuitive to ensure cognitive growth. Practical applications are given more importance
than theoretical bounds for clear understanding and comprehensive learning of the students.

best CBSE schools in Odisha

In the era of restless competition, Aparnaa World School makes sure that the students are not pushed into the race for scores and ranks rather than enjoying  the process of learning. It is one of the best pre-boarding schools in Odisha right now that focuses on all around development of a student with nurture and care. AWS is indeed one of the popular boarding schools in Odisha that promotes qualitative learning over quantitative learning.

best CBSE School in Jharsuguda

How Aparnaa World School is transforming education in Western Odisha?

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When it comes to choosing between schools, parents always look out for the best for their children. A good school is an institution that believes holistic learning and wholesome development of a child. It builds a strong foundation that frames the career and character of an individual. Centered in the industrial hub of Odisha, Aparnaa World School is a one of a kind modern day gurukul that is transforming education in western Odisha. It is one of the best day boarding school in Odisha popular for its world-class infrastructure and unique learning approach.

Aparnaa World School believes in 6 Ps –

Prior Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance”. The conspicuous curriculum and cognitive approach of learning are what forms the strength and backbone of the school. It’s the first and only day boarding school in Odisha that has come up with such a remarkable concept of day boarding that has set benchmarks for others to follow. The school is designed and constructed in specific ways to provide a positive and growth-oriented atmosphere for children of every group. What makes Aparnaa World School stand out among other boarding schools in Odisha is its vision and core values. The institution believes that all-round education is incomplete without the involvement of parents too, so the school follows effective methodologies to involve parents throughout the learning journey. Students learn faster and better when they grow in a friendly atmosphere, the campus of Aparna World School ensures all the factors for an enriching learning experience.

day boarding school in odisha

The dynamic environment of the schools encourages students to experiment and reinvent themselves in different fields of creative interests. The school is a home to students from different communities and classes which bridges the gap between students and their peers. The education provided enables the students to become more efficient to achieve, with an increasing facility, the legitimate goals of their life. Aparnaa World School is not only a good school in Jharsuguda but one of the best day boarding school in Odisha that is making a difference by transforming lives one at a time.