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Mother-Teacher at Aparnaa World School

Mother – Teacher at Aparnaa | What is it?

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When you hear a school teacher being addressed as ‘Mother-Teacher’ in Aparnaa World School, you would have a bubbling curiosity to understand what exactly does it mean! Why are the pre-primary students at Aparnaa World School addressing their school teacher as ‘Mother-Teacher’?

At Aparnaa, we understand that a child only absorbs academic lessons and skills when they are in a comfortable environment. With the school opening date near, we wanted parents to understand how much we, especially our school teachers, care for the tiny-tots in our pre-primary section.

Every small child is used to only one mother. So at Aparnaa, schools near me, we decided to have one dedicated mother-teacher in our pre-primary classes who will teach the tiny-tots all the subjects throughout their academic year. Everything from academics, competitions to extracurricular activities at Aparnaa, schools near me, are taken care of by the mother-teacher assigned to each class.

Our tiny-tots feel comfortable around their mother-teacher which encourages them to open up to them with their doubts, which are cleared immediately. There is no apprehension of approaching the teacher, because we don’t have a typical ‘school teacher’ at schools near me Aparnaa’s pre-primary classes. Instead, there is the mother-teacher who treats all her children with great love and care.