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Why choose the best CBSE school for your child?

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Why choose the best CBSE school for your child? 

Choosing the right school for your child is one of the most important decisions you have to make as a parent. Many people think the CBSE board is tough and challenging compared to other boards. But the CBSE curriculum has its advantages, and there are many benefits of enrolling your child in the best CBSE school, Aparnaa World School in Jharsuguda.

Let’s discuss the advantages of choosing the best CBSE school –

  • Well-researched and curated curriculum.
  • Student-friendly, and prefer to follow the same structure for the whole academic year.
  • The learning process is easy and allows the students to gain technical knowledge and shape their careers.
  • Students enjoy the freedom of choice for subjects they want to take going ahead
  • CBSE schools follow the same curriculum all over India, which is useful for parents if they have to move from one city to another.
  • Besides studying, students are encouraged to participate in sports, quizzes, debates, and storytelling.
  • Students from CBSE schools have a better understanding of the concepts.

What makes Aparnaa World School the best  CBSE school in Jharsuguda?

Aparnaa World School is the best CBSE School in Jharsuguda with an integrated CBSE curriculum. Our infrastructure is world class and the holistic development of Aparnites is our top priority. We encourage the students to  excel in extra-curricular activities as well. Our students consistently produce great results every year in their board examinations with the focus and guidance from our experienced teachers. Our aim is to simplify and make learning fun and interesting.

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11th std admission in a school near you

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When a student appears for his 10th std exam, his focus is to understand the subjects and score the best to get admission in a school near him. When admissions open for 11th standard in schools near him, schools should welcome him for being a model student.

But how will a student decide which school is the best for him? What factors should he consider before deciding to take admission in a school near him?

Although admissions open for 11th std in all schools after 10th std is done, a student must ensure that the school will help him adequately to make him ready for higher secondary and life after school. A school should have regular classes to teach important concepts, conduct remedial classes, as well as provide coaching for their entrance exams (NEET, JEE, etc).

At Aparnaa World School, we provide the students valuable lessons and guidance that shall help them score high marks and succeed in life. We don’t encourage rote learning, and hence we conduct extra classes to revise and repeat the subjects taught in class.

Before you decide which school near you will be best for you or your child, you must consider Aparnaa World School. Our admissions are open; you can talk to our teachers, attend a demo session, know how important education is to us and how we can help your child excel in life.

Boon of Online Studying

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Most CBSE and other schools, whether near or far from Jharsuguda, have stopped physical classes due to the rising curve of Covid-19 infections around India. Even the best CBSE school in the region, Aparnaa World School, has adopted the policy of conducting school education through online classes only.

Online schooling is the safest option for our students right now. Of course, there are many benefits to online studying as well, and we have devised the best methods to make Aparnaa’s online school experience a smooth one for both our students and their concerned guardians.

Apart from the element of safety, students are generally more comfortable in a home environment, which helps them study and perform better. Students are not only encouraged to study according to their CBSE syllabus, they are also inspired to explore arts, crafts and games from the comfort of their online school. The flexible home study times help our students learn their lessons in a relaxed and more focused manner.
In order to give our students personal attention as well as proper monitoring, two teachers conduct Aparnaa’s online sessions. One teacher has the responsibility of teaching while the other makes sure that discipline is maintained among the students during online school classes.

Aparnaa World School gives every guardian an informative planner with a schedule which helps them keep track of their ward’s academic progress at the best CBSE school in and around Jharsuguda.