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Boon of Online Studying

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Most CBSE and other schools, whether near or far from Jharsuguda, have stopped physical classes due to the rising curve of Covid-19 infections around India. Even the best CBSE school in the region, Aparnaa World School, has adopted the policy of conducting school education through online classes only.

Online schooling is the safest option for our students right now. Of course, there are many benefits to online studying as well, and we have devised the best methods to make Aparnaa’s online school experience a smooth one for both our students and their concerned guardians.

Apart from the element of safety, students are generally more comfortable in a home environment, which helps them study and perform better. Students are not only encouraged to study according to their CBSE syllabus, they are also inspired to explore arts, crafts and games from the comfort of their online school. The flexible home study times help our students learn their lessons in a relaxed and more focused manner.
In order to give our students personal attention as well as proper monitoring, two teachers conduct Aparnaa’s online sessions. One teacher has the responsibility of teaching while the other makes sure that discipline is maintained among the students during online school classes.

Aparnaa World School gives every guardian an informative planner with a schedule which helps them keep track of their ward’s academic progress at the best CBSE school in and around Jharsuguda.

Mother-Teacher at Aparnaa World School

Mother – Teacher at Aparnaa | What is it?

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When you hear a school teacher being addressed as ‘Mother-Teacher’ in Aparnaa World School, you would have a bubbling curiosity to understand what exactly does it mean! Why are the pre-primary students at Aparnaa World School addressing their school teacher as ‘Mother-Teacher’?

At Aparnaa, we understand that a child only absorbs academic lessons and skills when they are in a comfortable environment. With the school opening date near, we wanted parents to understand how much we, especially our school teachers, care for the tiny-tots in our pre-primary section.

Every small child is used to only one mother. So at Aparnaa, schools near me, we decided to have one dedicated mother-teacher in our pre-primary classes who will teach the tiny-tots all the subjects throughout their academic year. Everything from academics, competitions to extracurricular activities at Aparnaa, schools near me, are taken care of by the mother-teacher assigned to each class.

Our tiny-tots feel comfortable around their mother-teacher which encourages them to open up to them with their doubts, which are cleared immediately. There is no apprehension of approaching the teacher, because we don’t have a typical ‘school teacher’ at schools near me Aparnaa’s pre-primary classes. Instead, there is the mother-teacher who treats all her children with great love and care.