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What to do when exams are cancelled in schools near you?

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Most schools near you are now shut, CBSE exams have just been cancelled, and you do not know what to do and how well could you make your time productive.

This is a high period of uncertainty and you would have questions on your mind such as:

– Will my score be good enough.

– When will colleges start.

– Will I get into my dream college.

– Will I get through with the course of my choice.

Don’t worry. Life is unpredictable and you can make the best of it. Corona has affected everything and everyone. So, you be patient and hope for the best. And in the meantime, get your game stronger. Your school teacher maybe not be around to help you. You may be feeling helpless. But that’s the thing, zindagi se bada koi teacher nahi!

We understand the stress can get the best of you. So, stay positive and doing what you can could be the mantra.

So, here’s what you could try.

– Research more about courses for your further undergraduate studies. This is a great opportunity where you get more control of what’s on offer and what is meant for you

– Think about your passion and the regular options out there. Find your calling and see what excites you the most.

– Get in touch with your school teachers, speak to them about how to go ahead with your academic studies for multiple scenarios, and get their invaluable guidance.

– Speak with your cousins and acquaintances in jobs in field you would like to work in. Understand the practical work life scene and take help of the advantage to make wiser decisions for yourself

– Mixing all this serious work with a bit of fun would also do, relive your last moments in school as you can take out time to organize your school farewell (virtually) with your friends and school teachers.

And have a good time. Life is a beautiful opportunity and make the most if it as you step into the next phase of your education.

Imagine, dream, explore and have a good time. This too shall pass. Make the best out of it!

Best CBSE school prepares a child for his future

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When you think of school education, you desire to give the best to your child. You are always on the lookout for the best schools near you. Whether it is with academics, sports, community projects, extra curricular activities, leadership & team management, empowerment through values, multidisciplinary thinking, you are always wanting to find all of them under roof, at a school near you. Now if you pay close attention, your quest to find the best CBSE school for your kid, ends right here. Aparna World School, the best CBSE school in Jharsugda, is right at a stone’s throw from your home.

Now you may ask, why CBSE? At CBSE the curriculum is designed to give children a holistic education and not just focus on a one-dimensional aspect of marks-based evaluation for them. This well-rounded approach to education holds them in good stead to face the challenges in life ahead of them. CBSE encourages ‘the learn by doing’ motto, which primarily translates into experiential learning. The best CBSE school tries to inculcate from a very young age, the value addition in practical learning and discourages rote learning or a one-dimensional outlook towards academics. So when you think of enrolling your child into a school near you, do not compromise beyond any of the best CBSE schools.

Enroll your child at Aparnaa World School, the best CBSE school in Jharsugda, Odisha. The curriculum is affiliated to CBSE and upholds the tenets of the value system of the Board. We have best in class facilities for Sports, Academics, Extra curriculars such as Western Music, Indian Classical Music, Debating, Dramatics and a lot more. Aparna World School is one of the best CBSE schools near you. We believe each child has the potential to become a leader of tomorrow. Download our admission prospectus from our website, and get going with your child’s journey towards success.

Dadaji’s Teachings and best CBSE School

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With schools near me and you closed for the time being, children are spending more time with family than ever. In a family with working parents, the role of the Dadaji is of utmost importance, especially because of the bond he shares with grandchildren and his valuable teachings. Aparnaa World School, the best CBSE school in Jharsuguda, teaches its students to respect their grandparents and realize the value they can impart in grandchildrens’ lives.

Dadaji is not only the head of the family, he has a key role in moulding grandchildren’s minds so that they go on to become adults whom everyone can be proud of. Although schools near you will teach your child about money via arithmetic lessons, Dadaji is the best person to teach them why it is important to save money.

In leisure times, Dadaji tells his grandchildren highly imaginative stories from mythology and elsewhere which lights the flame of their imagination, opening their minds to creativity and new ideas. It perfectly complements the syllabus-mandated literature of the best CBSE schools and schools near you.

Even when it comes to schoolwork, Dadaji helps out his grandchildren by encouraging all academic and non-academic work which helps boost the children’s confidence. It inspires them to excel, despite the pressure of studying in the best CBSE school or the finest school near them.

The most important lesson that Dadaji imparts is something which no school near you can teach your children. It is something that Aparnaa World School, the best CBSE school in Jharsuguda, holds in very high regard. Dadaji talks about his childhood and his life’s experiences which help his grandchildren anticipate problems in their own lives. It gives them the courage to face their hurdles head-on.

CBSE affiliated English medium school

Why is best CBSE school near you right for you?

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With admissions open in schools near me and you, it is natural to wonder where one should enrol their child to ensure their success in future. Read on to find out why you should admit your child in the best CBSE school of your region, such as Aparnaa World School in Jharsuguda

You should choose the best CBSE school since CBSE has a huge range of subjects to offer. It enourages students to explore the topics and knowledge which interests them. The best CBSE school & most schools near you affiliated to CBSE have subjects related to politics, entrepreneurship, accounting, biology etc. which help create a sound foundation for further education. Art and world affairs, as well as the study of foreign languages are encouraged to prepare CBSE students for a holistic life, wherever they choose to live and work in the future.

As admissions open in schools near me and you, we must remember that CBSE is a centralised board with over 21 thousand schools in India and over 200 abroad. Every child in these schools studies the same, extensive syllabus which not only sharpens their mind but helps them develop skills that people learn only after substantial work experience.

So let’s stop wondering and decide to enrol our children in the best CBSE school in the region. If you live near Jharsuguda and looking for schools near you where admissions are open, look no further than Aparnaa World School, which happens to be the best CBSE school in the region.

Best Brain Food for kids

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Brain Food for Kids

Brain Foods for Kids are really important for the growing brain. We have made a list of such food.

Let’s discuss the following list of food that helps with the growth of the brain. Here is the list:

  1. Eggs
  2. Yogurt
  3. Fish
  4. Vegetables
  5. Fruits
  6. Nuts


Eggs are really rich in proteins and nutrients. They are known to have nutrients that help kids to concentrate.

Eggs can be served to kids during their breakfast or Lunch. Make sure to not use too much oil or masalas.


Fat is important for the brain. The yogurt has good amounts of it. Also, it helps to keep the brain cells active helping them in communications. This brain food is really important for kids.

Yogurt can be served to kids with many things like corn flakes. They can also eat it as a dessert.


Green Vegetables are full of vitamins & minerals. Thus, they decrease the risk of dementia in the kids later in life. So, add green vegetables to your kid’s food.

There should be a good mix of vegetables with ample carbohydrates & proteins will help a lot.


Fish are a great combination of good fats & omegas. They help with the development of the brain. Fish is a very important part of a growing child’s diet.

Fish should be served to kids during their lunch. It can also be served at dinner as a main dish to kids.


Like Vegetables, Fruits are also an important source of vitamins & minerals. This helps the kids to grow. This brain food is really important for kids.

Fruits should be served as snacks or at breakfast to the children.

CBSE affiliated English medium school

The best way to prepare for your CBSE exams

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The CBSE class X exams have been cancelled and the class XII exams have been postponed. Even the best CBSE schools near you, such as Aparnaa World School, has gone back to online classes.

The COVID situation has robbed students of the best way to prepare for their CBSE papers – by going to school (whether near or far) and learning from teachers and fellow students in a classic classroom environment.

At CBSE affiliated Aparnaa World School, we teach our students to make the best of every situation. Now that regular classes has been cancelled in every school near you, it gives CBSE students more time to study and prepare on their own before the most important exam of their life.

The first thing to remember is the duration and format of the CBSE papers. Within a timespan of 3 hours, students have to answer a set of multiple choice questions as well as several general ones.

Like we tell our students in school, rote learning is not the best way to approach a CBSE paper. Students should instead emphasise on understanding concepts. They will come across important keywords that help define the concepts. The best way to score nearly perfect marks in CBSE and make one’s school proud is to use the keywords in the original answers, which can only be written once the concepts are crystal clear to the students.

You can practice on some sample papers :



Business Studies



Our World: An Insight into Aparnaa World School

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aparnaa world school

For a parent, their world starts and ends with their children. We at Aparnaa World School make sure that their emotions are understood. All the poles, the gravity, nature, the seasons, the calamities reside within their child. But when a child sees the world through their eyes, their image, opinions, perspectives change. Parents can control what a child sees about “our world”, but they shouldn’t stop a child from seeing the world.   When a child swings for the first time, the thrill of soaring high in the air and then coming back down, the first time they hear the different sounds of the animals and birds, the first time they experience traveling, motion, and grasp the concept of time, these early life experiences help the child develop themselves wholesomely.   When we let our children study, observe, and experience nature, their mind expands and they push beyond horizons, as well as are more aware of the world and everything it contains.   Learning is a never-ending process and each experience teaches a child what to keep doing, what to not keep doing, and what new things can be implemented. The physical benefits to are noteworthy. Let your child see the expression of nature, and they will surprise you in ways you never thought.

Best Pre-Primary Division

Aparnaa World School has a brilliant pre-primary division. They are excellent teachers to take care of the child. The overall growth of the kids is the first priority of the teachers. They take care of the of growing the motor skills, colour recognition, speaking skills, etiquettes & many more. The child is taken care of as our own.

An Awesome Primary Division

The primary studies are an important part of the child study. Here all the basics are thought & we make sure that they are thought properly. With a policy of 1 teacher/30 students, we make sure that ample attention is paid to the child. Furthermore, the classrooms are all equipped with the best in class technology like smart classes, practical experience, immersive studies, all help in the overall growth of the child.

Effective Secondary Division

The secondary division is the best one at Aparnaa World School. With brilliant teachers with the best technology in classrooms, the students have a deep understanding of their subject. The teachers make sure all the students are equally involved in the study. They also ensure that if the student is weak in any subject, all the attention he/she needs is given.

Reasons why to teach children Hindi

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why to teach children hindi

Hindi is spoken by around 260 million people across the globe as a native tongue, with another estimated 120 million people use Hindi as a second language in countries such as India and Nepal. So many people – from children to adults – take up a second language at some point in their lives, as they appreciate the benefits it can bring, not only by allowing you to reach out and communicate to millions of new people but also due to the cultural enrichment that language learning has. This alone could be a reason to teach children Hindi, but we do have more reasons below:

Fourth Most Spoken Language

Hindi is the mother language of the second largest populated country in the world. Therefore it has become the 04th most spoken language after English, Chinese & Spanish. This is the most important reason why to teach your children Hindi.

Useful for Communication all Over India & Neighbouring Countries

Hindi is the second language of almost the whole of the Indian Sub-Continent. This would be really helpful for children to establish communications with others in the region. Also, Hindi has a vast history with it. The kids can enjoy that too.

Hindi is a Phonetic Language

Unlike English, Hindi is a phonetic language. That means the words in Hindi are pronounced as they are written. This could be a new experience for English Speaking Children. This can be a real advantage when learning a language, as it makes picking up new words and developing your vocabulary much easier.

They could enjoy the Indian Culture more Deeply

As most of the people in India speak Hindi, the kids can enjoy the different cultures in India more deeply. They could communicate with almost all people in India & nearby countries & could understand them more broadly.

Indian Women Pioneers in Science & Technology

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Indian Women in Science & Technology

Indian Women have been pioneers in Science & Technology, since the start of recorded history. We at Aparnaa World School salute all the women who have dedicated their lives to science & technology.

Edavaleth Kakkat Janaki Ammal (1897-1984)

Indian Women in Science & technology

Janaki Ammal was born in the year 1897, in Tellichery, Kerala, in a cultured middle-class family. Her father was a sub-judge in what was then the Madras Presidency. She had six brothers and five sisters. After schooling in Tellichery, she moved to Madras where she obtained the bachelor’s degree from Queen Mary’s College, and an honours degree in Botany from Presidency College in 1921.

She lived up to her own definition of greatness which combined virtue in life and passion in the pursuit of her science. There is thus much for us to emulate in her life and work.

B Vijayalakshmi (1952-1985)

Indian Women in Science & Technology

Born into a conservative family, she obtained her Masters from Seethalakshmi Ramaswami CollegeTiruchirapalli in 1974 and joined the Department of Theoretical Physics. In 1982, she completed a Ph.D from Madras University, and soon met and married T. Jayaram.

B. Vijayalakshmi’s studies explored the topics of relativistic equations of higher spin in external electromagnetic and gravitational fields, looking for ways higher spin theories could be constructed. Soon after she worked on spinning particle in non-relativistic quantum mechanics. It was around 1978 when the Association of Research Scholars of the Madras University was formed and was contributed to by B. Vijayalakshmi. In 1980 she gave talks at the biannual High Energy Physics Symposium of the Department of Atomic Energy held at the University in Kochi. She was treated with high regard after this and respect for her studies. Although her health deteriorated due to cancer she published five publications on the relativistic wave equations in external fields and completed her requirements for Ph.D., describing large classes of relativistic equations previously unknown to the scientific community. As supersymmetry became more popular her work shifted and she wrote two papers on the topic. For more than two more years B. was studying relativistic equations from different angles.

B. Vijayalakshmi died on 12 May 1985.

Sashi Kumar created a documentary about her life called “Vijayalakshmi: The Story of a Young Woman with Cancer”.

Anandibai Joshi (1865-1887)

Anandibai Gopalrao Joshi (31 March 1865 – 26 February 1887) was the first Indian female practitioner of western medicine, alongside Kadambini Ganguly. She was the first woman from the erstwhile Bombay presidency of India to study and graduate with a two-year degree in western medicine in the United States.

Originally named Yamuna, Joshi was born, raised and married in Kalyan where her family had previously been landlords before experiencing financial losses. As was the practice at that time and due to pressure from her mother, she was married at the age of nine to Gopalrao Joshi, a widower almost twenty years her senior. After marriage, Yamuna’s husband renamed her ‘Anandi’. Gopalrao Joshi worked as a postal clerk in Kalyan. Later, he was transferred to Alibag, and then, finally, to Kolkata (Calcutta). He was a progressive thinker, and, unusually for that time, supported education for women.

At the age of fourteen, Anandibai gave birth to a boy, but the child lived only for a total of ten days due to lack of medical care. This proved to be a turning point in Anandi’s life and inspired her to become a physician. After Gopalrao tried to enroll her in missionary schools and not working out, they moved to Calcutta. There she learned to read and speak Sanskrit and English.

The Institute for Research and Documentation in Social Sciences (IRDS), a non-governmental organization from Lucknow, has been awarding the Anandibai Joshi Award for Medicine in honour of her early contributions to the cause of advancing medical science in India. In addition, the Government of Maharashtra has established a fellowship in her name for young women working on women’s health. A crater on Venus has been named in her honour. The 34.3 km-diameter crater on Venus named ‘Joshee’ lies at latitude 5.5° N and longitude 288.8° E.

On 31 March 2018, Google honored her with a Google Doodle to mark her 153rd birth anniversary.

What is CBSE Boarding? Know why is it better?

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CBSE boarding school

The CBSE Boarding schools are a hit nowadays. But, what makes them better than other schools? Here are some features that are a defining statement of CBSE boarding schools.

The Education Structure

The education board being the CBSE, one can expect the best in education India has to offer. This education structure has a wide horizon to explore so that the students can grow and pursue almost anything in their future. Further, the knowledge is divided into precise & interesting books to read from. Thus, the education structure of the school being affiliated to CBSE is a good thing for the students.

The Residence

Like the children, they need a good residence. Here the CBSE boarding part of the school comes into play. Good private schools have many facilities in the residence. They have televisions to show the students some of the good documentaries. Also, there are classrooms for the students to complete their homework. There are spaces for the students to relax & let the day settle down.

The Physical Growth

The physical growth of the students are taken care of as they stay away from home. Some kind of a morning exercise routine is added to their daily lives. Also, they wake up early & eat good food to have an uninterrupted growth. To all this an evening sport is added also.

The Food

The food is well calculated for nutrients. It is made sure that the students get the best food available. Different kinds of rice, dals, etc. are implemented to diet. So that the students don’t get bored of the same repetitive diets. The diet chart is created with the help of experts. All the needs of the students are taken care of.

The Personality

The personality of the students is also worked on. The way they speak & what they speak is worked on. Also, their body language is worked on. It is made sure that the students are the best when they walk out of the school. This will in turn help them to work with the world properly.