?> Problems Faced By Students Studying in Newly Established Schools

Problems Faced By Students Studying in Newly Established Schools

By July 25, 2018School

boarding schoolMany parents tend to admit their children in newly established boarding school when compared to old or traditional schools. The reason might be the latest technologies and methodologies implemented by the newly established schools to teach education to the kids in a better way. But, there are a few problems associated with newly formed schools you need to consider while choosing newly established schools to admit your children. Here we have listed a few.

Newly Established Schools lacks in strong cultures and traditions

Being a newly formed school, there might be a history of traditions and cultures implemented in the school. Traditional can be related to the academic, cultural or political. Unlike the older schools which have a tradition of sending at least 10 percent of their students into Army, IIT or any other prestigious careers, newly formed schools will have less clarity for students.

Most Newly established Schools Lacks better infrastructure

Schools need to have better infrastructure to help the students in achieving their career goals. Infrastructure can be sports fields, sports equipment, library, auditoriums etc. Being newly formed schools, most schools lack in the infrastructure which requires some serious investments. So, in the schools without infrastructure, people have to struggle a lot.

No Alumni Network

Boarding School alumni network will help the students of schools by guiding, providing training providing materials etc. It would purely depend on the how many students have graduated through the school over the years. The schools which enter into the market less than 5 years ago will only have an alumni network of only 4 years. Even though this will not affect the students directly, there might be a chance that the lack of alumni network will affect the students indirectly.

However, Aparna World School houses full advanced infrastructure which helps teachers to implement better methodologies to provide education to the students in a better way. And the widespread alumni network of the school will support the students in every aspect.