School Meals

Meals that youngsters enjoy eating, which also benefits their health, is one of our priorities.

Lunch and Refreshments are important parts of a learning day. Our nutritionally balanced menus, developed under the guidance of our Dietitian, provide students with appetizing meals that contribute positively to their health and education.

We are proud to offer meals that are safely produced, using quality locally sourced ingredients, in a manner that promotes sustainability of the environment.










Plain toast Idly Paratha / Veg Sandwise Chawal Bara / Veg Pakora Veg Upma / Puri Sabji Sevai Upma Masala Dosa / Aloo Paratha
Poha Sambar Sabji Green Chutney Coconut Chutney Sauce Sambar
Sauce & Jam/Butter Chutney Achar Lal Chutney Chutney


Jira Rice Biriyani Rice Veg khichdi Rice Pav Bhaji Rice
Dal Fry Veg Puloa Dal Dahi Pakoda Kadhi Dalma Dal
Mix Slad Mix Raita Roti Seasonal Sabji Roti Roti
Two Sabji Salad Seasonal two Sabji Ankurit Salad Seasonal Sabji Sabji
Roti Aloo Dam Green Chutney Roti Achar Bhujia
Roti Paneer Sabji Bhaji Saag Salad

Evening Refreshments

Cup Cake & Milk Fruits Fruits Fruits Milk, & Cakes Fruits & Salad Milk Biscuits / Chinese Manchurian


Roti Chola Batura Roti Roti Roti Paneer Butter Masala
Two Sabji Onion Achar Dal Fry Tadka Dal Paneer Buter Masala Roti Masala Dal
Sabji Sabji Sabji Bhujia Roti
Salad Kadi Sabji Salad
Note 1: Paneer is on 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month
Note 2: Sweet dish is on 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month.