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Nearest Boarding School: Preparing Students for a Bright Future

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In 2014, Aparnaa World School became the first-ever residential school in Jharsuguda to come up with a staggering 18 acres campus uniquely designed for comprehensive education. It is one of a kind institution to included academic, co-curricular and physical education under one roof when there are no other schools in the locality offering such amenities inside a single campus. Aparnaa World School is also the nearest boarding school to Jharsuguda with air-conditioned classrooms and residential facilities for both boys and girls. The school is nothing short of a premium institution that provides a vivid environment to enrich students’ identity with knowledge and wisdom.

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Set in a serene and tranquil environment, the school is an amalgamation of productivity and efficiency. It is a place where eyes can rest and minds can contemplate. All the boarders enjoy a safe and healthy surrounding to grow and flourish, learning new things every day. The boarding school provides its students with a homely and nurturing atmosphere within its residential facilities, which simulate an exact home-like atmosphere with good food, caring staff and close friends.

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When a child is enrolled in Aparnaa World School, its screening process filters out a child’s strengths, weaknesses, interests and hobbies at once which help the teachers to understand their students better and come up with more flexible learning methods. Each and every child is given proper attention to monitor their progress closely. Since Aparnaa World School is the nearest boarding school to the town. Most of the parents don’t have to worry about sending their wards to some distant place for quality education. Aparnaa World School brings all the international learning experiences to its classroom through state-of-the-art technologies and highly qualified staff. Student life at Aparnaa World School extends beyond the classroom to after school clubs and social activities which give a positive outlook towards life and help in overall development. Aparnaa World School is a fulfillment of a perfect balance between modernity and traditions which forms the epitome of roots of the students with a promising future.

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How Good Habits Are Cultured At School

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Good habits are always associated with privileged and pragmatic upbringings at home which lead to good character and responsible behavior in children. Kids, while growing always look up to the adults around them and pick their traits and eccentricities as an influence. Habits are not built in a day, and according to a very popular experiment, it takes at least 21 days or 504 hours to make or break a habit. Hence, the habits or traits that are cultured within a child are the product of constantly occurring actions and reactions happening around him/her. Now, apart from being home, children spend most of their time at schools, it is where they leave their comfort zones and mingle with their peers other than family. Aparnaa World School in Jharsuguda is a renowned boarding school for boys that monitor personal development in children very closely at an individual level.

boarding schools for boys & girls

The school’s core values – Respect for Learning, Respect for People, and Respect for Environment form the foundations of great behavior and personality.

At times when a child shows irregular habits or ill mannerisms parents are blamed for careless parenting and irresponsible upbringing. Similarly, respective schools also share the criticism for not paying enough attention to a child and his/her surroundings. But in the bigger picture, the truth is entirely different; children while growing up are subjected to so many places and environments where they are likely to come under bad influences much often unknowingly. Such exposures may have a bad impact as the young minds fail to distinguish between the good and the bad. Schools are the place where children are taught the difference. It’s a facility where bad behavior is discouraged and good habits are cultured over time. Best boarding schools for boys & girls like Aparnaa World School have strict policies towards ragging, bullying or comments on any kind of discrimination to ensure positivity around the campus. Moral and value education imparted in its classrooms carry life lessons which encourage empathy, compassion and kindness in students that makes them a better citizen for the country. Apart from that Aparnaa World School also encourages rewarding habits like reading, regular physical activities and hobby jobs to fulfil all the needs of a sound body and mind.


How Odisha’s Best Schools Brings Authenticity to Learning – Aparnaa World School

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Creativity goes hand in hand with exceptional student learning” says a new study examining US Education. It was found that when children were subjected to assignments and tasks designed creatively, it invoked high order of cognitive skills in them. They demonstrated more critical thinking and retaining abilities due to this. They got a deeper understanding of the subject and better problem-solving skills. In this study, ‘A Supportive School Culture’ is defined as a culture open to change and new ways of doing things. This ideology has been a part of Aparnaa World School since its inception, making it one of the best schools in Odisha for years.

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Aparnaa World School is one of the top private schools in Odisha that aspires not simply to adapt to the constant changes in the needs of its learners and the society they will create, but also to harness and accelerate that change in all ways possible. The school is a cradle of modern education and traditional values which mends all the shortcomings of the existing education system in our country to provide quality education. Classrooms at Aparnaa World School make transformative use of technology along with highly focused teachers who impart education creatively. Every concept is thoroughly explained multiple times through different mediums which improve the retaining capacity of students and helps in clear understanding. Valuable lessons, when conveyed in interesting ways, are perceived more evidently and have a longer effect.

Unlike other private schools, Aparnaa World School actually brings authenticity to the learning process by imbibing true lessons of life. The school’s dynamic campus fosters a productive environment for students as well as teachers. The learning culture at Aparnaa World School has a compounding effect on the teachers where they perceive beneficial qualities in their students and also enhance their skill sets. The school strongly believes that learning is a continuous process and the central purpose of education is evolution, collaboration and manifestation. With a vision to transform lives through comprehensive education, Aparnaa World School continues to be among the best schools in Odisha.


Building a Safe & Inclusive Campus – Aparnaa World School

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A culture of safety is a journey, not a destination. It requires our continuing diligence”.. For every individual, irrespective of their age, gender and diversity, safety & security count as the top ingredients of human happiness. Adults when kept in a safe and sound environment, show tremendous rate of growth and development with a positive state of mind. Children while growing up are subjected to a lot of things that can affect their physical & mental well-being. Hence, it becomes the foremost responsibility of parents at home and the staff at school to ensure the safety of a child. Unlike home, a school is a place where children encounter lots of new faces while starting out and a sudden absence of parents. This can make them nervous. They spend about 6-8 hours daily in the school campus as an integral part of their lives, away from home. Thus, the school becomes a major shareholder in the safety of a child Aparnaa World School, one of the best boarding schools for girls in Jharsuguda is a great example of schools with a culture of safety.

Boarding Schools for Girls

Since the beginning, safety has been the top priority of Aparnaa World School. A bounded campus that spreads across 18 acres of land is equipped with top-notch surveillance and monitoring facilities. Security officers, gatekeepers and guards put together their best efforts to keep the facility secure 24×7 without making any compromise. No kind of trespassing is entertained and strict protocols are followed for outsiders to enter inside the campus.

Being one of the best boarding schools for girls in Odisha, Aparnaa World School shows no tolerance against bullying, ragging on any kind of discrimination inside its campus. Especially when it comes to girls, the school deals with every issue very sensitively and does the needful. Separate hostels, good food, dedicated staff and provision of all basic and emergency amenities inside the campus make it feel like home. The school aims at providing a more safe and inclusive campus where each and every student enjoy the freedom of space and thoughts without anything holding them back. They learn and grow together in a productive environment without any fears. Aparnaa World School houses one of the most secure campuses in the state making it a highly trusted institution.

10 Best Tips for a Happy and Safe Diwali

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The most exciting season of the year is here and the festival of lights is just around the corner. Yes, Diwali! One of the most celebrated festivals of India, Diwali brings the best times of the year with our friends and family. Over the centuries, Diwali has been celebrated with lighting lamps which symbolizes the victory of light over darkness and is believed to bring good fortune. It is considered auspicious and important due to its avid significance in Hindu mythology. However, Diwali is also very popular with kids as they enjoy lighting sparklers and luminous crackers. Though such crackers and fireworks are carefully designed and mostly safe but parental guidance and precautionary measures are a must. As one of the best boarding school in Odisha,  Aparnaa World School shares 10 best tips to make your Diwali even more happy and safe.

1. Use good quality crackers:  Go for good quality green crackers that are safe and cause less pollution. Always read the instructions carefully before lighting a cracker.

2. Clothes and shoes:  Always pick cotton clothes over synthetic ones while bursting crackers. It is also advisable to wear shoes to ensure full safety.

3. Fire extinguisher:  While lighting crackers, having a fire extinguisher nearby is very important. You can also keep a bucket of water or sand in proximity. In case of an unexpected fire, call the fire brigade immediately.

4. Avoid confined places:  Crackers exhaust very high amounts of Carbon dioxide and other harmful gases which can choke breathing. Hence, never burst crackers in confined places and always find an outdoor setting to light them.

5. Dispose of crackers properly:  Once a cracker is completely burnt don’t forget to dispose of them properly, put out the heat with sand or water to ensure full safety. Also, avoid going near half burnt or missed crackers as they can be very dangerous. Take the help of an adult to dispose of the same.

6. Keep First Aid ready:  Always keep a First Aid kit handy, in case of any minor burn or injuries you can always get immediate medical attention.

7. Noisy crackers:  Try not to use noisy crackers such as bangers, bungers and bombs as they create a lot of noise affecting small children, senior citizens and animals.

8. Pet safety:  Pets may find it agonizing with so much noise around them during Diwali. Don’t leave your pets alone and try to keep them away from firecrackers.

9. Indoor decorations:  Be mindful while decorating your house with candles or lamps. Ensure that they are away from curtains, table cloths or any kind on inflammable substances.

10. Spread awareness:  Spread awareness in your neighborhood about the minimizing use of crackers and bangers to control pollution in your locality. Also, share all the above tips to ensure a safe and happy Diwali.!

Aparnaa World School believes that the greatness of a culture can be found in its festivals. As one of the best boarding school in Jharsuguda, Odisha we always ensure that our students embrace the roots of our culture in a time of great rejoicing and festivity. We, on behalf of everyone at Aparnaa World School wish you a very happy and prosperous Diwali!

Importance of Students’ Mental Health

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Often misinterpreted, mental health is one of most underestimated topics of all time. Like physical fitness, mental health also plays a very crucial to maintain a good life style with peace of mind. Though mental issues have always been considered as a phenomenon of adulthood surrounding itself around the problems of grown-ups but nowadays, apparently that is not the case. Recently there have been a lot of discussions about mental health and spirituality, and how it affects a person. Studies have shown that other illness and diseases, mental health issues like anxiety, depression, and hypertension can be found in the people of every age group. But the circle that has been affected a lot lately is the youth, which includes individuals in their preteens, teens to early 30s, and this something very alarming. Fortunately, one of the best high schools in Odisha – the Aparnaa World School in Jharsuguda has opened up a lot of showing its concern over mental well-being of students.

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Aparnaa World School is one of a kind blend of spirituality and modernity. It deeply values the importance of mental health in children and takes care of it very sensitively. Aparnaa is also one of the very few schools where both physical and mental aspects of education are given paramount and equal importance. Its holistic teaching approach doesn’t allow students to completely immerse themselves into textbooks, cutting off from the surrounding happenings. Rather, a comprehensive curriculum suggests active participation in other forms of recreational activities and encourages the students to be more vocal.

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The school understands how peer pressure and competitions in classrooms can affect the brittle mind sets of the young children, sometimes leading to serious problems like low self-esteem, poor confidence or even inferiority complex. Hence, understanding the significance Aparnaa World School is pouring all efforts to sustain a positive environment around the campus. Regular co-curricular, interactive learning systems, provision for spiritual and physical activities, timely breaks and school trips etc. add up to the very cause of making learning fun and stress free. Aparnaa World School is one of the best high schools in Jharsuguda, Odisha that encourages and advocates healthy eating habits at home. This is made possible by children learning and experiencing healthy eating habits at the school.

How to pick the right school for your child?

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Choosing the right school for your child can make a large difference. Parents often tend to underestimate the influence of an institution on the child and how classroom ambiance can affect their careers. Schools as we know, lay the foundations for learning; they transform children into students and give a platform to build themselves up. But in a country like India, where schools and education imparted at them varies from place to place following up multiple cultural and ethical diversities, setting up common goals for all isn’t possible. Though the core of knowledge remains almost same for every school but the way it is passed on, is different every time. So,with the outbreak of numerous schools round the country how does anyone pick the right school for their wards? Aparnaa World School is among the top 10 boarding schools in Odisha that is changing the conventional ways of teaching and learning in many ways.

The easiest way to do is listing down every preference and choices. There are lot of important factors that go into the decision of making the right call. There are schools that are known for academic excellence, while some are famous for producing the best talents in performing arts and sports and so on. Jotting down the expectation and requirements helps a lot while picking up the best for your child’s interests. While growing up children tend to explore their talents and interests that shape their careers in the long run. So, picking an institution which can help them in polishing their skill sets and making overall development creates better professionals. Among other schools in Jharsuguda, Aparnaa world school is considered as the top 10 boarding schools in Odisha for its timely efforts and encouragements to help students in discovering their hidden talents and inner potentials.

top 10 boarding schools in Odisha

So, now that you have a list of probable schools, here are a few things that you can do to shortlist your selections. Before making decisions always pay a visit to the school and talk to the principal to know more about the institution. Talk to other parents and children and ask important questions like ‘how s the student is to teacher ratio’ or ‘tolerance policies against behavioral problems’ etc. Interact with the teachers and observe the infrastructure. It is always advisable to be entirely satisfied while choosing a school as one decision can affect a child’s career. For free career counselling or any help regarding education visit our campus today!

The value of private school education in Odisha

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Every year, when parents make a decision to send their children a public school or, to apply in a private school they take a big leap faith on the education system. Though the Indian education ecosystem hasn’t changed much over the years but the metrics have. Schools have been evolving since the start with aesthetics, methodologies and visions. Today, categorically we see schools in two different types – public schools and private schools. While both entertain different approaches and concepts for imparting knowledge, the central idea remains same.Aparnaa World School is one of the best private schools in Jharsuguda, Odisha that is changing the conventional ways of teaching and learning in many ways.

In the following points we gonna discuss broadly about both the pillars of schooling and compare to see if private school education stands out to the public schools:

  • Better Environment and Community feel

 When it comes to better infrastructure and productive environment, Private schools hold a competitive advantage over public schools. Students here enjoy more creative freedom, additional facilities and exposure to better opportunities. According to one of the best private schools in Odisha – Aparnaa World School, a healthy and dynamic environment encourages student to be more expressive and interactive with their peers. A sense of belongingness develops among them, and they start growing like a community.best school in Odisha


  • Continuously Improving Standards 

Learning approach at public schools tend to be more lenient and based on traditional trial and tested methods whereas Private schools are always putting in continuous efforts to improve their standards and stay relevant with the current times. Curriculum and syllabus are revised every year to make learning more efficient and intuitive.

  • Teacher is to student ratio

One of the significant differences often observed between public and a private school is the overall teacher is to student ratio. Classroom with balanced ratio can offer more productive atmosphere and scope for one-to-one interaction in comparison to crowded classrooms with indefinite student strength. Schools like AWS have classrooms with student ratio is to teacher ratios as low as 15:1.

  • Extra-curricular activities

Extracurricular are an integral part of education as they induce life skills and practical knowledge with education. Children discover their hidden talents and polish their skills which contribute to an all-round development. Apparently private schools have been more flexible and welcoming to introduce more extra-curricular activities than public schools. These activities can include performing arts, sports, field trips, oration clubs etc.

  • Parental Involvement

 In private schools like Aparnaa, parental involvement is encouraged strongly though parent teacher meetings, annual sessions, etc. to improve the education experience. Aparnaa World School puts extra efforts to establish good relationships between the parents and staff. Transparency, dedication and attention to detail make Aparnaa Worlds school one of the best private schools in Odisha.

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A School with a Divine Motto – Aparnaa World School

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The foundations for Aparnaa World School were laid with a vision of transforming the lives with quality education and intrinsic values. The aim was Building an institution that holds the power of harnessing inner positivity and productivity of every individual associated with it. Since 2014, Aparnaa World School has been delivering academic excellence with its highly interactive environment and skilled staff. The school empowers its students to be compassionate and responsive towards important aspects of life and be ready for every challenge. Comprehensive education in a dynamic atmosphere encourages students to discover their hidden talents and interests. But what makes the school so unique and special are its roots to spirituality. Aparnaa World School is perhaps one of the best boarding schools in Jharsuguda that preaches a balanced environment of modernity and spirituality around its campus. Such values and relevance are often rare and hard to find.

Best boarding schools in Jharsuguda

When Aparnaa foundation started functioning, the school was established with a divine motto of ‘Satyam vada dharmam chara’ which means ‘Speak the truth, lead a righteous life’. These powerful and enlightening words from the Taittarya Upanishad justify the value of supreme human traits like honesty, discipline and righteousness. Such values are the core of human empathy that power the inner enlightenment and growth of an individual. The school focuses on the importance of such values and passes them to the students through its holistic educational practices. The school achieves a remarkable balance between traditions and modernity which ultimately happen to be the epitome of roots for the students.

Best boarding schools in JharsugudaAlong with academic and co-curricular, Aparnaa World School’s coherent spiritual practices have helped students and young adults of the locality to deal with mental problems like peer pressure, stress, prickle mindedness etc. A school putting such efforts to influence lives at so many levels certainly makes it one of best boarding schools in Jharsuguda, Odisha. With a goal of true greatness, Aparnaa World School is on its way to redefine the modern education system.

Excellence in the Neighbourhood | Exploring a World School – Aparnaa

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Remember the times when the only gadgets you owned were a Natraj pencil box or a Milton water bottle, standing in the long queue wearing white uniforms on a Saturday morning waiting for bus, or when “action ka school time” ad dominated the television and switching to pen from pencils were a big deal? If you’re already getting flashbacks then I bet you are an 80 or 90s kid and nostalgia is hitting you hard. Well, it’s pretty obvious but when the world entered into a new millennium in the early 2000s everything else just became history. The education system and learning metrics have gone significant changes over the years and today the way we perceive knowledge and education is astonishing and unparalleled to the yesterdays. To explore this closely, let’s walk through one of the best high school in Jharsuguda, Odisha today – The Aparnaa World School

best high school in Jharsuguda

Aparnaa World School (AWS) is a global institution with a head, heart and soul.  The school is a perfect example of modern day gurukul that provides quality education and virtues of good life to its students and helps them to discover their hidden talents. Situated in the heart of western Odisha, AWS is one of the nearest boarding schools in Jharsuguda enabling students of all kinds to experience a global exposure of ideas and opinions. Aparnaa being one of its first kinds holds an advantage and better scope for overall development than other neighboring schools. As a ‘world school’ AWS doesn’t follow the traditional methods of imparting education rather it puts forward more enriching experiences of education and knowledge retention.

Best high school in Jharsuguda, Odisha

Well-designed perfect school classrooms that boost the success of students

Students become part of a global phenomenon with experiences, places and people around the world. Their curriculum here doesn’t restrict learning from books and notes but from each and every aspect of school life. Unlike traditional schools, students not only get mentally sharper but also get physically sound and spiritually active through various activates. Children when mingle with students from different race, communities or even countries they tend to pick up good etiquette, develop good behavior and mutual respect for each other which ultimately helps them to groom into a global citizen. Good command over language, strong personality, effective knowledge transfers etc. are some competitive advantages of a world school over any other normal school.