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The Benefits of Vegetarian Diet for children

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Jharsuguda brags of esteemed educational institutions, both day boarding schools, and residential schools that are affiliated to CBSE boards. Aparnaa World School is the best boarding school in Jharsuguda. The school is proud to be a forebear and leading institution in the area of innovations in education, which makes it the best boarding school in Odisha.

Education is one of the important parts for everyone. When you are selecting a boarding school for your child think about all the areas in which you look after your child. When developing the school time table and system for students we think as apparent.

As a boarding school, one of our important focuses is on student’s nutrition. Aparnaa World School provides a hale and hearty nutritious vegetarian diet for the students. Switching to a vegetarian diet includes many health benefits like religious diktat and growing distrust around sanitation and growth-hormones among others. There has been progression in farming technology with current farming practices that ensures fresh fruits and vegetables to be available to people.

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Aparnaa World School provides students a different variety of fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, nuts and dairy products by considering their physical development. Studies have been shown that people who eat vegetarian diet have less of harmful fats and cholesterol than people who follow a non-vegetarian diet.

In the growing period, children need lots of calories to turn into energy. Research showing that, a healthy diet for children and teenagers include three full meals and two snacks including dairy products and fresh fruits.

best boarding school Jharsuguda

At Aparnaa World School foods are intended and prepared by specialized chefs under the supervision of nutritionists. Our school follows strict hygiene rules and that are thoroughly followed by the staffs. Looking into traditional model of eating together, all meals are served in the dining hall on time every day. We believe that spending time together over food also builds stronger bonds among the school union, which means that all of our students and staffs together to eat healthy meals that are nutritious to the body.

The result of this into all aspects of our students’ school life makes us rank high on the list of the best boarding school in Jharsuguda. Every year our students perform well in every field, like top ranks in academic result in exams, champion in sports, low illness because of proper care in the school. For more details contact us here.

Ways to ensure children Safety at Home or in School

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Parents worry about bullying, emergencies, and other creepy incidents while kids start critical development years. It is essential to take preventive measures to avoid dangerous situations. As the best school in Odisha, Aparnaa World School aims at providing all aspects of safety knowledge whether at home or in school.

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As a parent, you are bound to be worried about your child’s safety, whether at home or outside.

  • Spend more time with the kids. Ask your children about their day and listen carefully, so that they can feel safer.
  • Create a virtual situation for your child and see how they would react if faced with a challenge.
  • Explain the difference between good touch and bad touch.
  • Taught them to beware of strangers in outside.
  • If the child is having any medical problem, inform about it to the school.
  • Inform your child to move in a group or with friends while walking alone or outside from home.
  • Children should remember their full name, home address, phone number.


While taking admissions for children, safety and security is the main fear for parents. Strict protecting security action helps keeping parents and students comfortable and secure.

  • It is important to create a safe environment in school where children can feel safe and learn and develop themselves.
  • All school staffs should be hired from authorized agencies with proper police verification.
  • Students should always in surveillance of CCTV cameras in school premises and security guards must be there every time.
  • Openness of outsiders to be limited or should be recorded.
  • Good security measures for swimming pool, fire safety, earthquake safety and electrical insulation safety are must be there at school.
  • Regular health checkups, filtered water, first aid box, separate girls’ and boys’ toilet must be necessary in the school.
  • Safety standards should be followed in the bus.
  • All school staff should know the name of the guardian of the student.

Aparnaa World School, one of the best schools in Odisha all concerned about the safety of children at school. Children safety is our top most priority. We provide safety related awareness activities for children, providing dual Identity cards, 24×7 CCTV surveillance, safe and secure school environment few makes the school an ideal safe place for the children. For more follow our blog here.


How can Day Boarding Schools make their Students Responsible Social Citizens?

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Apart from academic development, schools also have the responsibility of making responsible social citizens for the future generation. Making students socially involved facilitate them to become responsible citizens, and inspire them to work for the betterment of the society. Aparnaa World School, one of the best day boarding schools in Odisha, which aims in making responsible citizens to its students.

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Here are a few proven ways, which Aparnaa World School includes in curriculum and impel students to become socially responsible citizens of tomorrow.

  1. Encourage participating in community and awareness programs

Aparnaa World School encourages activity-based learning where students learn directly by getting concerned with the subject’s related activities; participate in community and awareness programs. That inspires the students to chase the standards in their personal lives.  Students are involved in campaigns like cleaning, road safety, save water, education and so on. Such participation imposes their classroom knowledge and the practical knowledge becomes a motivator to learn and act more.

  1. Classroom discussions on social issues

The teachers educate the students about the right norms of the society are essential. But Aparnaa World School, the best CBSE schools in Odisha gives chance to students to share their views on social issues, conduct debate about that topic and form perspectives based on general opinion. We also encourage students through classroom discussions to feel involved in the course and start acting of their own decision.

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  1. Volunteer for the society

“Be the change that you want to see in the world” is the best lesson any school can teach its students. To make it effective Aparnaa World School encourages students to volunteer in community activities. A simple way to involve students in these activities is allow students to teach underprivileged children in association with NGOs or from economically struggling societies. Through active volunteering, students fill their self-appreciation.

  1. Include projects in the curriculum that surround a social issue

Aparnaa World School conducts science exhibition that surround the theme of saving environment, the annual cultural program is based on the topic of personal safety and the recent social events. These activities build engagement with a deeper level of knowledge.

Education is about developing the abilities of wisdom and progressive. It’s present that Aparnaa World School is the best day boarding school in Odisha.


Reasons to consider Boarding Schools in Odisha

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Every parent’s main concern is to provide their children with the best of education to shape their future. In today’s competitive life, the first step to shaping your child’s future is to enroll them in a good boarding school. Aparnaa World School, one of the best boarding schools in Odisha, aims in giving hormonal development of all students with high educational and residential facilities for both boys and girls.

Let us throw a glimpse at why parents should consider boarding schools in Odisha:

  • Climate:Odisha has enormously favorable climate. The winters are not too cold nor are the summers too hot. The weather is favorable for students to endure.
  • Less Pollution: As compared to urban cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Pune and Kolkata, the height of environment pollution better in Odisha. Due to less pollution a level, children’s immunity is stronger and reduces the chances of falling sick.
  • Greenery:Aparnaa World School is a renowned boarding school in Odisha, because of the location. It is situated away from the disarray and noise of the city with having green campus surrounded by trees.
  • Safety:As a boarding school, our students are under strict CCTV surveillance with security guards. All students are supervised by hostel wardens.
  • CBSE Board:CBSE board allied schools have the best factors and benefits for students.  We also give personal attention to prepare students for competitive exams like IIT and JEE.
  • Co curricular Activities: Whether your child is good at sports, dance, song, art or some other activities; Aparnaa World School provides the best training by giving extra time to the students. The campus is so huge that we have handled to use it wisely for sports.
  • Personality Development:Aparnaa World School always aims at developing students’ strong personality. It has been seen that students are more aware and confident towards reading, sports and extracurricular activities, as compared to day school children. The best effective learning methods are provided for the students to make them more disciplined, fit and well-groomed.

boarding schools Odisha

Aparnaa World School is one of the best boarding schools in Odisha. The school provides full-day engaging time table for the students. Always do a proper research before choosing a boarding school for your children because it is more like an investment. For more follow our blog here.

Adopt these quality ways to spend your free time as a student

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Things you do in your free time affect your productive hours. If you connect in meaningful activities that enhance your skills and develop your mind, you will have a high energy every Monday morning, and actually feel excited to go school and accomplish something. Aparnaa World School, one of the best day boarding schools in Jharsuguda, which aims in shaping students career and make them a responsible citizen.

Here are some quality ways you can pick and upgrade your resting moments.

    1. Exercise

Exercise is the better option to invigorate both your body and mind at the same time. Along with school physical activities, take some time to do some exercise or go out for a run. This will help to maintain your fitness and keep your metabolisms better.

day boarding schools Jharsuguda

   2. Volunteer

Aparnaa World School has community programs as a part of extra-curricular activities which seeks to spread awareness. Students take part as volunteers to work for society and for the people and the community as much as possible.

    3. Read

As a day boarding school in Jharsuguda, Aparnaa World School maintains a rich library students a library with huge number of books. Students use that library to read any book that they can get their hands upon. Through reading your vocabulary will improve and help you to gain different knowledge.

  4. Socialize

Socializing and conversation with people will help you to feel appreciated by the surrounding people. During your exams or assignments, you will have to do it alone. Socialize in your free time, so that you do not feel left out from your family and friends around you.

CBSE school in Jharsuguda

   5. Watch meaningful content

Make a habit to watch documentaries that are instructive and scientific in nature that will increase your knowledge. Do watch some popular good movies that will motivate you to set higher goals and achieve greater milestones.

The day boarding schools in Jharsuguda keeps watchful management as to how students prefer to spend their free time. These ways help in improve students’ performances. Aparnaa World School works with parents to guide the students primarily to form a refreshing free time schedule to ensure students benefits.

People Thoughts About Boarding School

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When the child starts to finish primary school, parents start thinking about their secondary school with pros and cons of education systems of day school and boarding school. Student teacher ratio is very high in a day school, and individual attention becomes difficult. Aparnaa World School, one of the best boarding schools in Jharsuguda, giving solution to working parents or for the children living in non-conductive areas as far as education is fretful. Aparnaa World School aims in giving hormonal development of all students with high educational and residential facilities for both boys and girls.

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In a boarding school, gradually from maintaining the school bag to dresses, the students learn to be self-regulating. Teachers and staff are always there for students when in need. Aparnaa World School’s students have full access to its facilities like libraries, computers, labs, and teachers.

Here in this article, we endeavor to show up some common thoughts about boarding school:

1) Too Expensive

A very common thought in everyone’s mind is, boarding schools are too expensive but in reality most of the Boarding schools are affordable and reachable. It is almost same from the charges if you calculate the total amount spent on your kid including education.

2) Hard to be in touch with family

Gone is that day when it was hard for the boarder’s to be in touch with their family, but all thanks to communication services, to keep students and their families connected. Children do not feel nostalgic as they are in regular touch of parents. Aparnaa World School encourages parents to attend functions and meetings.

3) Boarding Schools are very strict

People think that boarding school students can’t have fun at school. Aparnaa World School provides the best games & sporting facilities, physical education training, and also provides extracurricular activities.

Boarding school is a platform provided to students who wish to shine in all areas of life. Aparnaa World School provides a family like campus.

World-class top boarding facilities with extra teaching and coaching responsibilities; the school has the ability to connect and raise Child’s into gentle, dynamic adults. We focus on the little things that make the alteration in boarding school easier and create a happy living space and celebrating birthdays with cakes and chocolates. It’s present that Aparnaa World School is the best boarding schools in Jharsuguda. For more details contact us here.




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The Importance of Classroom Engagement in best schools Jharsuguda

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Just think about two conditions that can happen in a classroom. One, the teacher teaches in the conservative manner came and delivered the information in talk form and leaves the class when finished. Another, the teacher starts the class by asking the students a few questions from previous lesson, gives some information about new chapter, then presents the lesion and after that, asks students to recount the lesson learned in his/her own words. In which method do you prefer that the students inspired the subject better? This is the influence of classroom engagement, and this is what you will always find in Aparnaa World School, the best schools in Jharsuguda.

Classroom engagement promotes rational thinking

The classroom engagement is important for student success. When teachers ask students a random question and provide them with the time for brainstorm, it increases the rational and imaginative thinking of every student. Keeping students focused is becoming more of confront than ever.

Importance of Classroom Engagement in best schools Jharsuguda

Higher engagement leads to better learning

All the questioning and thinking will have developed interest. The student with the correct answer will want opinion on his/her presentation while the child with no answer will want the solution. In this way, the whole class has created a need for the information. After that, when the teacher elucidates the theory, the students will give the highest levels of attention. It has been seen that, learning is better when the students were engaged.

Follow a student-centric approach

By following such approach makes it easy for the teacher to spot the needs of the students in the classroom. When you make an analysis of the whole classroom engagement process, you can easily find out that, student who always be inclined to have all the answers, clearly understands the lesion. Likewise, the student who does not often have the answers can take a sitting with the teacher to grab on lessons and explore other forms of learning better suited for him/her.

The importance of engagement is incontestable

And Aparnaa World School, one of the best schools in Jharsuguda understands that, classroom engagement and question based learning are one of the principles of education that the whole school’s belief is hinged upon. With this approach the entire learning practice becomes important.

Aparnaa World School is one of the best schools in Jharsuguda also a boarding school in Odisha, teaches and train the students to perform well in the examination and learn the chapters which will be helpful to build a great career.

Improving Discipline in High School by Captivating Good Behavior

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High school is a school where students go to learn skills for the future. In high school students vary in age from 14 to 18. With this vary the number of ages comes to a different variety of abilities. Teens from middle and high school show knotty behavior as they try to aver more freedom and independence. Aparnaa World School is one of the best high schools in Odisha that welcoming students with different learning styles.

best high schools jharsuguda, odisha

Aparnaa world school is one of the nearest boarding schools to Jharsuguda with high educational and residential facilities for both boys and girls. It has been seen that the majority of high school students showing knotty behavior, and that can improve and advance within one year if they get early intervention. Early intervention strategies are the solution to solving concerns and problems that are exhibited in teens’ behaviors. To attain this early intervention, Aparnaa World School had developed plans of actions to improve students’ behavior. Along with this, parents also can employ specific approaches to help their child to move out of the common issues.

Teenage is a decisive part of every individual’s life. The steady transformation teens endure frequently provokes behavioral problems such as lack of enthusiasm, poor performance in school, less effort in study, and many more. To cover the scratchy period of transition and change, they make frontages, which can lead to distress themselves internally.

Aparnaa World School initiates a meeting with the parents to discuss putting the teen in a specialized behavioral program for students who are showing seriously negative behaviors. In addition to civilizing their overall attitude and behavior the high school behavior programs are intended to develop both learning opportunities for the teen. These high school programs combine focuses on educational with behavioral adjustment by creating a controlled environment that will help the student perform well and work towards the betterment of their career. For parents seeking paths to help their struggling teens should build a better relationship with their teens.

For all these Aparnaa World School providing you the opportunity to join your student in one of the best high schools in Odisha.For more follow our blog here.

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Why residential schools are way better than you think

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Does the thought of leaving your child at a boarding school panic you? Fine, there is nothing to be really scared of. It will definitely die away once you become familiar with boarding school life. The quantity of residential schools in Odisha has increased.  So it is difficult to choose the best residential Schools for your children to hone their skills.

Odisha is home to some of the best residential schools, adding to the affluent educational background of India. Aparnaa world school is one of the residential schools offering modern facilities and amenities scattered at different locations of Odisha. Read on to understand why studying at a residential school is way better in Odisha:

1) Educational and personal development

Student’s overall development becomes the aim of residential schools, in the order; they are overseeing every time, there. In addition, education is provided round the clock and teachers are always there for the students.

2) Sports and extra-curricular activities

Whether your child is good at football or in singing, residential schools encourages students to pursue what they love. It is never just about educations, residential schools are also providing training for these activities a day-scholar may not find all these facilities at one place.

residential school

3) Much more fun

There is a bit of magic hidden in every school. You will get a fun-filled life with a lot of adventure in residential schools.

4) Friends become family

The friends you make at a residential school are for a lifetime. You take care of each other and stand in good and bad times. You will create a new family at a residential school.

5) Sovereign & responsible

The residential school makes every child independent and responsible. Students will start managing things on their own without their parents. These responsibilities and freedom play an important role in the future and career.

6) Assortment and exposure

The assortment at a residential school is huge. Students are coming from different societies and areas, providing an experience like no other.

Being a coming of an age institution of learning, Aparnaa World School is considered the best residential school in Odisha where learning never stops. It is a place where you discover your veiled talents. When choosing, take out your time. Ask your friends and family for the best opinions.




Boarding school in Odisha


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For your child’s holistic development it is important to get an education in a top school. But with lots of options parents get plagued sometimes. There are many factors that you as a parent have to consider, starting from the right kind of curriculum board to the best environment for your child. CBSE board allied schools have the best factors and benefits when it comes to CBSE schools in Odisha. Below are some reasons why you should choose Aparnaa World School, one of the best co-ed CBSE schools in Jharsuguda.

Caring Staff and Faculty: Aparnaa World School has qualified teachers that help the child in having a secure environment where they can play and develop both emotionally and physically. We focus on the overall development of your child by not only detaining their brains inside the classroom. Also, we give emphasis on completing the syllabus on time without putting any extra pressure on the students.

best CBSE schools in Odisha

Distance: Distance is the main thing you should keep in your mind while selecting a school. Aparnaa World School is located at Jharsuguda from where there are easy transport services even we have our own school bus services.

Activities: Along with education, co-curricular activity is important. Therefore, Aparnaa World School gives equal weight to both academics and physical sports along with extracurricular activities. We are giving our students all the chances to explore their hidden talents.

Child Approach: Aparnaa World School follows a child-centric approach and is not biased. Our primary focus is on the development of your child and bringing them up as good human beings. Our students are performing good board results from past years. We also give particular attention to the national level entrance exams like JEE-Mains, NEET, etc. which are held by CBSE.

Thus, now you find out how you could choose the best CBSE School in Odisha. Choosing the right kind of school for your child is very important as it plays a vital role in the overall development of your child. Aparnaa World School aims to provide stress-free and holistic education to students without compromising on offering quality facilities to the students.