?> A Seminar for Educating Biological & Constitutional Rights of Girls Child

Educating the Girl Child – From Constitutional Rights to Biological know-how

By October 14, 2017News & Events

An educative seminar was conducted at Aparnaa World School for the girls education. The girl students from class IV to class IX were the avid participants of the seminar given by well renowned women and child welfare activist, Dr. Babita Ramani, MD Gynecologist. She was welcomed by the Principal Mrs. Smitha V. Nair.

She enlightened the students about the various physical stages of a girl’s life and the problems associated with the same. The event conducted was edifying and educative for the students. The session was made interactive by the students who were pouring in their queries on the related topics. Every query of children was explained by Dr. Babita ensuring to satisfy the upcoming anxieties of the students. She has covered the following topics.

  1. Puberty and its different stages of physical changes.
  2. Role of different hormones especially female hormone like estrogen.
  3. Effect of tension on the body.
  4. Adolescence stage.
  5. Sexual harassment and how to protest.
  6. Suggestions to teenagers, to make them self-aware and safety precautions.

The session ended with a vote of thanks.