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Aparnaa World School: Odisha’s answer to progressive education

By July 6, 2019Blog, education, School
Best high school in Odisha
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What really does define progressive education?  The answer lies beyond the dissatisfaction with today’s mainstream education system. When we say progress, we talk about change; we talk about a shift that affects the lives of a generation of people in many ways. We know that education plays an integral part in driving change as it directly influences an individual’s thought process, opinions and understanding. School being the foremost source of education, a lot depends on the institution how they raise their peers. A school, apparently the Residential Schools in Jharsuguda is on its way to embark the true spirit of progressive education standing out of the crowd.

Aparnaa World School is one of the few private schools in Odisha that has shouldered the responsibility to shun rote learning and come up with more relatable and holistic, multidisciplinary learning. Apart from highly effective classrooms, It aims at providing a platform to its student to learn, leap and lead. Progressive education doesn’t mean scoring high grades or cracking Olympiads, it means attaining a balance between knowledge and core values. A student without virtues and values doesn’t count a good person even if he/she is good at academics.

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AWS is among few private schools in Odisha which is committed to creating a balance between tradition and modernity for a promising future. Being at the best high school in Odisha, students here not only get global exposure but also stay close to their roots.

The environment of the school encourages the student to be dynamic and disciplined in whatever they do. The school is managed by the Aparnaa Foundation which holds a vision to transform lives with quality education. At AWS, we strongly believe in the importance of collaborations and communications, hence we keep tabs on our progress and tend to revive things in with constant experiments. As we stand in the epicenter, experiencing the shift in learning approaches, we look forward to adhering ourselves to every change and promise to reflect back in each child.

Residential Schools in Jharsuguda