?> Strategies of Private School in Odisha to Develop Critical Thinking in Kids

Strategies of Private Schools in Odisha to Develop Critical Thinking in Kids

By July 17, 2018School

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In today’s technologically growing fast world, creative thinking is imperative for every kid. Many research reports conducted by private schools in Odisha reveals more than half percentage of kids who spend time with electronic gadgets will have weak communication skills. The increasing usage of mobile phones, video games, television programs make the kids more addicted to the digital devices.

Due to this, many kids now a day’s lacks in Creative Thinking which is more essential to be successful in life. Even though there are no particular strategies that support your children in learning critical thinking, here we have mentioned a few strategies followed by private schools in Odisha which might help you in this aspect.

Give Some Space to Play

Parents always ask children to study and earn good grades which help children in achieving their career goals and settle well. But, games let the children to think creatively in most of the aspects. Be it a indoor game like Chess or outdoor game like Cricket, every games teaches creative thinking and good skills to the children.

Give Some Time to Guess

Most of the boarding schools in Odisha teachers give small gaps while teaching anything. This lets the children to think and guess the continuation of the topic. So, it is advisable to offer your children with ample time to think and allow them to reflect a response.

Ask Open ended Questions

Instead of asking simple and direct questions, try out asking questions which are more difficult to answer. Question belongs to this group will make children to think more by asking questions in return. Whatever be the answer, correct or wrong, encourage him to give as many answers as they can.

Of course, there are a few cases in which parents need to step in and help the schools to make their children actively participate in the activities organized. Aparnaa World School holds professional staff with experience in top CBSE schools to help your children in learning skills and achieve success in life.