Why Parents Are Opting for Day Boarding Schools

By October 9, 2017education
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Day Boarding Schools

Well-designed perfect school classrooms that boost the success of students


The emergence of day boarding schools dates back to ancient India days era when parents used to send their wards to Gurukulas and Ashrams. What used to be a concept of the full-fledged hostel has now evolved into the day-boarding facility in most schools in Odisha.

Leading day boarding school in Odisha are taking on more and more numbers of boarders who spend most of their waking hours at school while only going home to sleep attributing to their parents’ rigorous working hours. These pupils can spend most of their life at school in the week, eating all their meals on site and remaining there as late as 10 pm.

Schools in Odisha are reporting a rising demand for day-boarding, particularly among families where both parents work long or unpredictable hours. The trend is particularly pronounced at schools within commuting distance of Jharsuguda, allowing City workers to cope with demanding jobs without an army of caretakers.

Optimized Learning with Added Benefits

  • There are schools in Odisha providing day boarding facility which is a respite for working parents. International schools like Aparnaa World School offers state-of-the-art boarding facilities which include extended day school up to 6 pm (day-boarding), five-day boarding (weekends with parents) and regular seven-day boarding with a fully equipped infirmary with a school doctor and nurses available round the clock.
  • Parents usually opt for such schools, especially those living in the close vicinity of the school knowing that the future of their wards is in safe hands of a school which is a pioneer in introducing the concept of day boarding and residential schools in Odisha.

Treading New Paths of Schooling

  • Gone are the days when parents had to wait for holiday seasons to visit and meet their kids. With the introduction of day boarding schools, parents have more accessibility to their wards life, albeit in a limited way.
  • The accessibility of communication systems available in schools allows the students to stay in touch with their parents round the clock. Multi-cuisine dishes tickle the palates of the students in such a manner that they grow to love their schools as a second home.
  • Comfort is important, resident students in boarding enjoy the benefits of the fantastic sports facilities that are on offer. The boarding facilities are built in keeping with international standards and are aligned with the parameters put forth by school’s vision of providing top-notch education amidst a fun and caring environment.

Most of the day boarding schools in Odisha are also well equipped with a perfect mixture of advanced technology, modern pedagogy, culture and innovation, all available at a global platform. There are experienced professionals who are leading the co-curricular activities, making such schools an ideal option for more and more parents.

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