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Nutrition and Learning

By August 31, 2020uncategorized
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Have you ever heard a parent or any person in general, say something like “You have had too much of oily food today, your mind is too restless!”?. Being one of the best schools in Odisha, we thought to keep it simple. Too many treats and a variety of food can lead to excess energy and tantrums in children. But just like when we put healthy things in our bodies we get healthy results, the opposite is so true.

It’s very important to feed our brain with healthy food and water so that it functions smoothly and neuro pathways could be nourished. This enables the child to engage and excel more readily.

The impact of food on the Thought process

Since ancient times, our country has been widely exploring the relationship between food and spiritualism. Recent studies have suggested that there are certain traits associated with every different kind of food we consume. So it’s relevant in today’s world that our thought process is pretty much of what we consume as food.

But What does the brain need Exactly?

In order to keep our brain active and neurons engaged, these are the five key things required:

1. Water
2. Micro-nutrients
3. Protein
4. Complex Carbohydrates
5. Good fats


Just as the role water carries in our daily lives, the role of water for the brain is far more significant. It helps to keep the temperature of the brain normal and prevents it from overheating. Neurons too store water for optimum brain health and function. Remember, if a child is dehydrated, it means his/ her brain isn’t functioning to the optimum level.


Whole fruits, salads, and cut vegetables are rich in micro-nutrients. It consists of things like vitamins, zinc, etc. But seeing the modern trend of fast food becoming popular amongst the kids, its high time we realize how deprived these kids are from some essential elements required for the brain to grow well.


Its been talked about a lot whenever it comes to a healthy diet. But we should also know, that proteins are rich in an amino acids-a vital element for the formation of cell structures. It plays a key role in building neuro paths and maintaining neuron structure

Complex Carbohydrates

Well, this is a tricky one. Sugar is the main fuel of the brain. But as said, excess of anything is always bad. Excess of sugar may cause a sudden burst of energy followed by symptoms like high blood sugar levels, and drowsiness.

Good Fats

Out of all solid matter in the brain, 60% is made of fats. Good fats are something which is not found in french fries, chips, etc. Indeed, its found in legumes, nuts, etc.

As a temple of learning, Aparnaa World School always ensures that the nutritional values and taste are intact together in our meals and we make sure that the learning is efficient by giving the brain what it exactly needs.

We wish you all a good health this National Nutrition Week.