?> Nearest Boarding School: Preparing Students for a Bright Future

Nearest Boarding School: Preparing Students for a Bright Future

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In 2014, Aparnaa World School became the first-ever residential school in Jharsuguda to come up with a staggering 18 acres campus uniquely designed for comprehensive education. It is one of a kind institution to included academic, co-curricular and physical education under one roof when there are no other schools in the locality offering such amenities inside a single campus. Aparnaa World School is also the nearest boarding school to Jharsuguda with air-conditioned classrooms and residential facilities for both boys and girls. The school is nothing short of a premium institution that provides a vivid environment to enrich students’ identity with knowledge and wisdom.

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Set in a serene and tranquil environment, the school is an amalgamation of productivity and efficiency. It is a place where eyes can rest and minds can contemplate. All the boarders enjoy a safe and healthy surrounding to grow and flourish, learning new things every day. The boarding school provides its students with a homely and nurturing atmosphere within its residential facilities, which simulate an exact home-like atmosphere with good food, caring staff and close friends.

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When a child is enrolled in Aparnaa World School, its screening process filters out a child’s strengths, weaknesses, interests and hobbies at once which help the teachers to understand their students better and come up with more flexible learning methods. Each and every child is given proper attention to monitor their progress closely. Since Aparnaa World School is the nearest boarding school to the town. Most of the parents don’t have to worry about sending their wards to some distant place for quality education. Aparnaa World School brings all the international learning experiences to its classroom through state-of-the-art technologies and highly qualified staff. Student life at Aparnaa World School extends beyond the classroom to after school clubs and social activities which give a positive outlook towards life and help in overall development. Aparnaa World School is a fulfillment of a perfect balance between modernity and traditions which forms the epitome of roots of the students with a promising future.