?> Make Your Children Learn Skills By Asking These Simple Questions

Make Your Children Learn Skills By Asking These Simple Questions

By August 8, 2018education

learn skillsSpeaking, listening and understanding are the three main skills everyone should learn. Not only while studying, these skills play a major role throughout the life. Be it while studying in English medium school and college, working in companies or personal life, these skills impacts every aspect of life. Particularly, kids feel much difficulty while interacting and speaking in front of others. It might be due to the shy feeling or any other reasons. The best way to build this solid foundation for speaking skills to your children is to listen to your children.

Ask Children different to let them speak and listen to them.

What are you thinking?

After listening to this question, your child will try to say something, a few words or sentences. Listen to their answer and follow up with various questions such as “can you tell me more about that? what led you to do that? or what led you to that conclusion? Forecasting real conversations will help the children to open up by overcoming the challenges.

Which Movie You Like the Most?

Everyone found of movies. When we ask about movies, no one can restrain themselves from responding. So, try to ask your child about their favorite actor, favorite movie name, dialogue and why he/she likes that a lot. By doing this, you can interact with your children in a friendly manner, know about their preferences and interests clearly.

What is your aim?

Everyone will have their own aims and goals and always tries to express their aims to others. So, this question alongside making them speak, gives an idea of what your child wants to achieve. By knowing your child vision, you can help them by providing the resources they need to achieve that goals and encourage them.
However, the skilled and interactive teachers at our english medium school – Aparnaa World School will interact with your children in a friendly manner. They will implement many strategies that can help your children learn speaking skills.