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How Good Habits Are Cultured At School

boarding schools for boys & girls
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Good habits are always associated with privileged and pragmatic upbringings at home which lead to good character and responsible behavior in children. Kids, while growing always look up to the adults around them and pick their traits and eccentricities as an influence. Habits are not built in a day, and according to a very popular experiment, it takes at least 21 days or 504 hours to make or break a habit. Hence, the habits or traits that are cultured within a child are the product of constantly occurring actions and reactions happening around him/her. Now, apart from being home, children spend most of their time at schools, it is where they leave their comfort zones and mingle with their peers other than family. Aparnaa World School in Jharsuguda is a renowned boarding school for boys that monitor personal development in children very closely at an individual level.

boarding schools for boys & girls

The school’s core values – Respect for Learning, Respect for People, and Respect for Environment form the foundations of great behavior and personality.

At times when a child shows irregular habits or ill mannerisms parents are blamed for careless parenting and irresponsible upbringing. Similarly, respective schools also share the criticism for not paying enough attention to a child and his/her surroundings. But in the bigger picture, the truth is entirely different; children while growing up are subjected to so many places and environments where they are likely to come under bad influences much often unknowingly. Such exposures may have a bad impact as the young minds fail to distinguish between the good and the bad. Schools are the place where children are taught the difference. It’s a facility where bad behavior is discouraged and good habits are cultured over time. Best boarding schools for boys & girls like Aparnaa World School have strict policies towards ragging, bullying or comments on any kind of discrimination to ensure positivity around the campus. Moral and value education imparted in its classrooms carry life lessons which encourage empathy, compassion and kindness in students that makes them a better citizen for the country. Apart from that Aparnaa World School also encourages rewarding habits like reading, regular physical activities and hobby jobs to fulfil all the needs of a sound body and mind.