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How a sense of ‘belonging’ at the school can uplift your child’s career

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Humans, as social animals have always strived to stay relevant with time and people by keeping themselves up with evolution. Being important to someone or belonging to something have always been associated with morale boost and healthy state of mind. Children when start schooling, step into a new head space with a lot of thoughts and predicates in their minds. Not being around parents, stranded from extra attention, change of behavior and ambiance etc. can affect them a lot. When they receive proper attention, nurture, care and encouragement at an institution they feel warm and comfortable. They don’t feel alienated and indulge themselves in a process of holistic learning; at one of the best schools in Jharsuguda i.e Aparnaa World School we take care of it.

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Being one of the best schools in Jharsuguda, AWS understands the importance of physical and mental balance and how it can affect an individual. How good and friendly behavior can promote positivity among children and also how lack of it can also hamper their growth. Children when start spending most of their productive time at schools rather than their homes they tend to pick up their likes, dislikes, opinions and interests from their surroundings and peers which all most shapes their personalities in the long run. They make friends, get into activity groups, sport teams etc. which feels like a small community to them where they feel loved and supported. Such values help in establishing a sense of belonging at the school and keep children involved in self-development pursuits. Its uplifts their mood, kindles their interests and relaxes at the same time helping them build better careers.

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As a top boarding school in Jharsuguda, Aparnaa World School is doing its bit to make schooling more insightful, enjoyable and memorable. Students here enjoy a homely environment which feels like being a part of one giant family. Negative behavior like bullying, peer pressure, etc. are deeply condemned and discouraged to keep values and morality intact. Boarders in hostels are treated with utmost love and care provided with all basic amenities.

At Aparnaa, students truly feel like a second home where they can learn and grow in a safe environment.