?> Father's Day Celebration - Aparnaa World School Jharsuguda
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The Pre-Primary wing of Aparnaa World School celebrated its First Father’s Day on 4th of July 2015. The Event began with the arrival of Fathers at the time scheduled for them. The teachers of Pre-primary gave a warm welcome to the fathers. It started off with the welcome speech of the co-coordinator. Then the fathers were given a chance to speak out their mind about their child. They gloriously dealt with the positive aspect of the child that left a charming smile on every parents face.

The activities of the day started where the child and the father coloured a picture of a father embracing the child provided by the school. It was followed with the letter writing of the father to his kid, where his feelings, hopes and aspiration towards their kids.

The next activity called the father and child to give their hand impression on a card portraying the theme of father’s day.

Third activity marked the father’s effort to make their kids “READY FOR SCHOOL”. The competition started from the selecting school bags, helping them have their breakfast/Tiffin and dressing them up for school.

The next activity was to prepare “BISCUITS WITH TOPPINGS” by the kids for their fathers to make them feel special.

The last activity was “RHYME TIME” where the father and child recited the favorite rhyme of his ward.

The event came to an end with the reading of the letter by the fathers and distributing of the cards carrying the hand impressions.

This day gave expression and appreciation to the immense love and support provide by a father to his child.