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Everything You Need to Know About Your Child

By January 10, 2018education

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Kids can overstress

Kids can also be mistaken and misunderstood. Sometimes the overstress isn’t intentional. Listen to your kids ask your kids to tell you what’s the matter. Listen attentively and peacefully — with openness, and caring. Evade any urge to blame, lecture, or judge what you think your kids should have done instead.

The main idea is to let your child’s anxieties be heard and their feelings. Try to get inside their story by asking such questions like “And then what happened?” Taking your time. And let your kids taking his or her time, too.

Kids can lie – that’s Universal

Why kids lie?
Actually, kids don’t exactly lie. “To lie, Kids actually should know that what they are saying is wrong — they need to realize the difference between a truth and lie. That typically doesn’t happen earlier the age of four,”

Note to do
Respond in a peaceful tone and line out the situation as a teaching as well as the learning opportunity. You may say, “I’m quite sure that’s not what really happened ­— do you really think it occurred that way?” If the lie is painful, you could try by saying, ‘How would you feel in manner if somebody said that to you?”

Kids learn from their parent’s habits.

Fitness habits
A minimum of 7-8 hours of sleep is a must and essential for all the kids and they should be in their bed by latest 10.00 pm and they should have started a day earlier. And by waking up in the morning they need to run for a mile by 7.00 am in the morning by doing this they kick start off their day with full energetic.

Nutrition habits
Starting your day with a powerful nutritious breakfast is a good habit. Especially in kids, and yes, it does not just happen by one overnight. They need to be heartened to eat more fresh in their diets like fruits, grains and must avoid sugary and fatty snacks which makes them dull and lack in energy.

Any product of diary should be Low-fat and must be a part of their meals. This could be a glass of milk with grains like “Oats, Cornflakes, etc.”. or a bowl of curd. Shun away giving your kids sugary stuff when they attain something.

Let’s work together with your kids for good

Praising activities, day boarding school in Odisha or in any pre school in Odisha or be at home. however, even smaller things will make them feel delighted; let your kids do their things independently and do make them feel strong and capable. By difference, demeaning comments or linking a child negatively with another will make your kids feel valueless.

Interruption on Social Media During School Hours

If your kids started posting on social media during their school time or in class it is without your permission, and what If they are hiding it from you. It doesn’t mean to ignore them; it means you need to put some rules and let them know. And If they say they have teacher permission, they are lying, and you should address it. We suggest them the right time & the ways to do social media activities If only its applicable to them in their mean time. Let’s say: “How about the School Projects” and other related stuff getting access to it only with parents.