?> Why India Thinks English Medium School is Encouraging Western Culture?

Why India Thinks English Medium School is Encouraging Western Culture?

By October 11, 2017education
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English is a foreign language for India and this may be the reason why many Indians still think that an English medium school may affect their culture and values.

People are hesitating to accept the fact that western culture is not bad and is not affecting any other culture. It is the surrounding of the kids, which affects their behavior or nature. English is a global language as it is spoken in almost every country in the world. So it is always a smart decision to send kids to an private school for their intellectual development at a global scale. India is a developing country and it is now representing itself at many global platforms by identifying as an educated nation.

Why Guardians Should Choose an English Medium School   

#1.  Easy communication worldwide:

Today Indians are scaling new heights everyday by achieving success all over the world. If the people of India will not be smart enough to talk and understand English properly, all the talent that the countrymen possess will go in vain. An CBSE school encourages the students to be confident enough to handle any situation smartly.

#2.  Better career opportunities in future:

Non- English medium school students face difficulties after joining in an college. Sometimes these difficulties, continues while appearing in job interviews. On other hand, English medium school students, mostly don’t have to go through the hurdles of facing any language barriers in their careers ahead.

Simply Put…

The students of CBSE school are getting empowered to be compassionate, responsive towards the culture. While they are becoming a holistic person with a scientific temper in an environment of sharing and caring. So, the conclusion of the argument is that the western culture is just culture of the English people. So, learning in an English medium school, will not, in any way temper or hamper this nation’s ethics, values and culture.