?> How Future of Education AI Can Teach Your Kids

How Future of Education AI Can Teach Your Kids

By May 18, 2018education

early education

250M+ Kids all over the globe lack of early education and 1.6M+ Educators still need to be filled. They do need development in their early age and giving them the right access from the very beginning is a key to master.

Education system requires a reboot as children are disadvantaged of basic literateness skills and that measurement of the crisis is huge enough we need to believe that getting into newer technology has its solution and better future.

Tech Information

By 2027, Robots will do replace educators that 47 percent of professions in the US will be robotic in the next 25 years predicts by Oxford University. The work demands that educators have super levels of understanding. Creating robotic educators which meet these demands may be thought-provoking, but eventually, these could enhance the AI entities solve our most universal education crisis.

Educational Robot

For Kids 5+ getting their hands on how to code in instinctive programming skills are vital to obtain and thrive in the 21st century with the help of new educational robot such as KUBO and it doesn’t only support the instruction of coding skills but also playing with a physical toy. So K 12/primary age groups, are planned for use at school or at the house.

We’re in an era of skill specialization. Where machines are way improved than us at performing specialized and dull tasks. With advanced technology at each skill level, students are getting better exposed to learn on their own and implement the same every day.

Outer Classroom Support

Students have been always depending on their educators and parents, for to take out time when care was required. Through AI, tutoring programs are rising more advanced and have the capability of teaching all fundamentals skills to students who struggle with their basic concepts.

“The key is to avail the technology at an early age and get better at the things you care about”

One of the best parts I really adore of this technology is that it covers K-12 segment as well. Schools from across the globe are repeatedly getting connected to this network. AI can definitely play a major life in our children educational system and make them prepare for the challenges in future.