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Corona virus and student’s lives

By March 24, 2021uncategorized
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The Corona virus pandemic has changed our lives inexplicably. Our interaction, working, playing, and learning has changed; and this shift has been felt by everyone across all age groups.

When it comes to our tiny tots, we are certain that as parents, you are concerned about their future and their learning and growing because there is a huge contrast between the way life was when things were normal and now. While the threat continues to loom, thanks to the vaccine and other developments, places are opening up, and schools too are given a go ahead from the government to resume.

Good news is that schools are reopening; schools in Odisha as well, and so is Aparnaa World School. Now, the make or break for parents to send their children to school is how well is the school equipped to bring a good experience without compromising on hygiene and social distancing norms. The major need is a huge space to spread out activities and strict adherence to norms, which we tend to take lightly daily.

Come visit Aparnaa World School which is now open. Come and see the amenities and the efforts of the school for ensuring the student’s safety, especially now because all schools are reopening. You will see for yourself why enrolling in Aparnaa World School is the right choice for you as a parent and for your child.


Come visit Aparna World school now that all the schools are reopening.