?> Building a Nation is Building Your Child's Character

Building a Nation is Building Your Child’s Character

By May 22, 2018education

The School

cricket academyChildren are the pillars of the nation. And the type of education that we deliver them is the type of nation that we build for our next generation. Here schools play a major role in building the character and morals of the child. Parents too have a part but the standard of education that they receive contribute most to their inner self.

Educate your child along with nature. Allowing them to recreate while spending time absorbing the nature into themselves, not only builds a better physique with good health but also develops the mind to understand the surroundings and think in a better way. A sound body is a temple for a sound mind.

Exercise and Breath

cricket academyEducation enables them to perform well in academics but building a character needs discipline. And to build discipline, sports play a major role. The warm-up is to sustain the energy flows in the body. The actual game is to teach discipline to a student who builds the necessary levels of understanding and involvement in the game. Make them learn the rules and allowing them to freely participate from within is the motive of any game. Perfection comes not by just playing but taking the mind into the game that they play.

Lessons of Nature


The lessons that teachers teach in the school are for the career but the lessons from nature are for life. When we grow children close to nature, they behave more responsibly and develop a relationship with the environment around. And the most important lesson is to become a part of the environment that we live in.

Be steady and count your breath, and everything around comes to life. They can feel the nature of their work and a sense of responsibility developing the character as a human being. The real education lies in understanding the things and solving the real problems.

Building a team


cricket academyWhile we work, the best things we find is a good team to work with. Sports allows the children to build and become a part of something worth working for and staying connected with.