?> Best Ways to Overcome The Challenges of Residential Schools in India

Best Ways to Overcome The Challenges of Residential Schools in India

By July 3, 2018School

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Residential Schools in India teaches children both academic and communication skills which help them to achieve their career goals and sustain life. Between the student’s first and final years of school life, they grow from young learners to confident leaders. Considering enrolling your children in a boarding school is the best decision when compared to day school. It provides them with excellent opportunities for growth within and beyond academics. But, while staying in the residential schools, children face various challenges in adopting new responsibilities. Here you can find the best solutions to those common challenges, your children face in private schools.

Homesickness during the Early Days

Going off to school hostels is the planned separation between parents and children. After entering these schools, children who never experienced extended time away from home has to stay away from their loving parents and home. Due to this, most children face homesickness.

Solution: To help children overcome the homesickness, parents have to advise their children to trust in the faculty and administrators. And parents have to be available to talk with children whenever needed and ensure children that they are a phone call or e-mail away from the children.

Academic Stress at Residential Schools in India

When compared to the normal schools, there will be more academic pressure in residential schools in India. The trainers at those schools will provide students with a plenty of time to study academics. Due to this, some children will experience academic stress when they entered these schools.
Solution: Parents has to encourage their children to concentrate on academics more. And the trainers have to organize motivational classes on regular basis to help children overcome the stress. And the outings on weekly or monthly basis will help children to get relive from the academic stress and stay active always.

Handling Money and Responsibilities

While children stay in the home, there is no need for them to manage their expenses and deal with other responsibilities. But, during their stay in residential schools in Odisha, they have to manage everything on their own. This would be a challenge for many children.

Solution: Parents have to teach their children about the value of money and how to spend it properly. And trainers at schools have to apply strict rules to make children keep track of their expenses.
Teachers at Aparnaa World School will help children to learn the importance of taking pride in one’s space and looking after one’s belongings. And with the right set of infrastructure, trainers teach valuable life lessons to the children and guide them toward healthy and successful young adulthood.