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Celebrating Children’s Day

By November 14, 2014News & Events
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Children are like buds in the garden and should be carefully and lovingly nurtured, as they are the future of the nation and the citizens of tomorrow.

– Jawaharlal Nehru

The biggest moral obligation of an institution is to nurture children lovingly, and with utmost affection. In this endeavour, we celebrated the 125th birthday of Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru i.e Children’s day in our school premises, to provide a platform to our tiny tots’ talents.

The function began at 9:00 am and all the students were notified to report 15 min earlier. The function was conducted by Mrs. Bandana Kalra the school administrator. After giving a brief introduction of Nehru ji and his love for children Mrs. Kalra called our judges , Mrs. Preeti Poddar and Mr. Arun Sinha for garlanding  of Nehru ji’s portrait.

This was followed by welcome speech by Mrs. Chanchal Dua, Centre head of pre-school wing. She extended a warm welcome to everyone and gave an introduction of our judges Mrs. Preeti Poddar, member of management committee and Mr. Arun kumar Sinha, our Principal.

The fancy dress began at 9:20am and the pre-school kids mesmerized everyone with their alluring performance. Their beautiful costume and sweet talk won everyone’s heart.

Our principal sir , Mr. Arun kumar Sinha gave a speech on the concept of uniqueness of every child. He emphasized on the need of the modification of current system according to the need of the changing times.

Mrs. Sharma, one of the parents also shared her views with us. She was overjoyed with the children’s performance and cherished her own childhood memories. She expressed her longing to relive her own childhood.

As our competition was not a stern competition we did not have any winners. Rather , the judges have chosen the best three from each group.

Playgroup- Aarvi Agrawal, Amruta Pujari, Anay Shah.

Nursery-Ashwin Ramteke, Rudraneel Tiwari, Nissan Panda

L.K.G-Ashrita Jain, Aarav Bajaj, Nidhi Kedia.

U.K.G-Aditi Sharma, Swastik Garg, Satya Sriwastav.

Lastly ,Madam Amrita Kaur , thanked the judges for their valuable time and all the parents and students for their enthusiasm and zeal with which they have participated in the celebration.