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Everyday Activities That can Help Children to Overcome Shy Feeling

By June 5, 2018School

Shyness is most common in everyone’s life at some point of the life. Particularly, shyness is the common trait in many children which makes them to take some more time to getting comfortable to bond with new people of their cbse schools. The children with shyness lacks in social skills which influence them not to show much interest group activities or games. Due to this, the children with shy feeling will have less friends when compared to other children. Be it a genetic trait, learned reaction or both, here are a few everyday activities that can help teachers in making the children avoid shyness.

Teach children about introductions:

Introducing oneself in front of the crowd is the most toughest part of shy kid to start a conversation. Most of the teachers of Cbse schools make the children practice the process of introducing themselves in front of the group of people repeatedly – “Hello my name is – nice to meet you.” This will help your child to kill the shyness demon in a short period of time.

Explain the positive outcomes:

Kids with shyness will usually imagine more about the wrost case scenario possible for every situation. This influences them to stop getting into the situation. So, play schools in Odisha will tell them the positive outcomes of the situation to soothe the anxious in them and keep their fears away. We will explain them the practical cases of how we dealt with that type of situation to boost their morale without being preachy.


Our kid friendly teachers will motivate kids by rewarding them with words, treats, gifts, chocolates and others. If we say, we are proud of them even for the small achievement, then it will boost their confidence and positive spirit.

Not only these, teachers at Aparna World School implements many best practices to help your child to overcome shyness effectively.