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CBSE: Experiential Learning & Life Skills

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CBSE: Experiential Learning & Life Skills
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Experiential learning involves various sorts of activities, presentations, discussions and other creative methods of teaching which our teachers enjoy as much as the students. Emphasis is put on art and visual arts as well to stimulate our students’ creativity.

The CBSE curriculum allows nurturing of several skills including creative skills, scientific skills, information and communication technology Skills, organizational leadership skills as well as  aesthetic skills.

In the life skill program at Aparnaa World School, we help our students prepare for the future through community projects, sports education, leadership & team management, empowerment through values, multidisciplinary thinking, encouraging the inculcation of reading as a habit, citizenship education and others programs. Each of these activities require our teachers to employ creative methods of teaching so that students can develop newer areas of interest as well.

At Aparnaa World School, we believe that a comprehensive worldview helps our students appreciate what the world has to offer. Tenets of experiential learning and activities related to our life skills program are fitting additions to the superlative CBSE curriculum which helps your child become whatever they want to in life. The wide range of subjects covered in these programs are as varied as politics and bioscience, or arts and entrepreneurship. This diverse range helps them identify their scope of interest and discover what they are truly passionate about.


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