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Aparnaa World School – Pioneering Quality Education in Odisha

By April 15, 2019Blog, education, School
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Quality education has the power to transform societies in a single generation and as Henry Ford says – “Education is pre-eminently a matter of quality but not amount”. Schools are the stepping stones of one’s future that hold major influence on a growing individual, hence choosing one right institution is utmost important. AparnaaWorldSchool is among the popular boarding schools in Odisha that is ensuring quality and progressive education standards for its students.

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Aparnaa World School is one of the highly acclaimed and celebrated pre-boarding schools of Odisha situated in the city of Jharsuguda known for its qualitative teaching. It is one critically designed educational institution that throws
light on more practical learning experiences and doesn’t encourage rote learning. Students here enjoy creative and linguistic freedoms to build themselves as more outspoken and confident.

Rising above the mainstream, Aparnaa World School is one of the popular boarding schools in Odisha that is changing the conventional ways of teaching and learning in many ways. Infrastructure designed by international collaborations
and curriculum planned with global exposure, AWS stands true to its name as a world school. Topics taught are relevant to the changing times and more intuitive to ensure cognitive growth. Practical applications are given more importance
than theoretical bounds for clear understanding and comprehensive learning of the students.

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In the era of restless competition, Aparnaa World School makes sure that the students are not pushed into the race for scores and ranks rather than enjoying  the process of learning. It is one of the best pre-boarding schools in Odisha right now that focuses on all around development of a student with nurture and care. AWS is indeed one of the popular boarding schools in Odisha that promotes qualitative learning over quantitative learning.