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Building a Safe & Inclusive Campus – Aparnaa World School

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A culture of safety is a journey, not a destination. It requires our continuing diligence”.. For every individual, irrespective of their age, gender and diversity, safety & security count as the top ingredients of human happiness. Adults when kept in a safe and sound environment, show tremendous rate of growth and development with a positive state of mind. Children while growing up are subjected to a lot of things that can affect their physical & mental well-being. Hence, it becomes the foremost responsibility of parents at home and the staff at school to ensure the safety of a child. Unlike home, a school is a place where children encounter lots of new faces while starting out and a sudden absence of parents. This can make them nervous. They spend about 6-8 hours daily in the school campus as an integral part of their lives, away from home. Thus, the school becomes a major shareholder in the safety of a child Aparnaa World School, one of the best boarding schools for girls in Jharsuguda is a great example of schools with a culture of safety.

Boarding Schools for Girls

Since the beginning, safety has been the top priority of Aparnaa World School. A bounded campus that spreads across 18 acres of land is equipped with top-notch surveillance and monitoring facilities. Security officers, gatekeepers and guards put together their best efforts to keep the facility secure 24×7 without making any compromise. No kind of trespassing is entertained and strict protocols are followed for outsiders to enter inside the campus.

Being one of the best boarding schools for girls in Odisha, Aparnaa World School shows no tolerance against bullying, ragging on any kind of discrimination inside its campus. Especially when it comes to girls, the school deals with every issue very sensitively and does the needful. Separate hostels, good food, dedicated staff and provision of all basic and emergency amenities inside the campus make it feel like home. The school aims at providing a more safe and inclusive campus where each and every student enjoy the freedom of space and thoughts without anything holding them back. They learn and grow together in a productive environment without any fears. Aparnaa World School houses one of the most secure campuses in the state making it a highly trusted institution.