How the Best Boarding Schools in India are shaping student’s life?

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In this modern era, parents are opting to send their children to the best boarding schools in India, for their comprehensive development in academic domains as well as in non-academic domains. Generally, students who get admission in these boarding schools consider it as their second home. They leave their regular lifestyle and follow a more disciplined and well-organized lifestyle from a tender age. These boarding schools aim at providing a 360° curriculum which not only focuses on academic courses but also extra-curricular activities. This helps the students in their holistic development.

Students’ Lifestyle

The students studying in the best boarding schools in India are governed by stern rules and regulations which facilitates in streamlining their lifestyle in a disciplined manner. The students learn, study and work for themselves making them self-sufficient and independent in the way of their life. It enhances their personality and enables them to lead a structured yet enjoyable life. The curriculums of these schools are so designed that the students are kept engaged in various fruitful activities other than the academics. A student’s life starts from sunrise till sunset, from sports activities to classwork and self-study. The mentors and teachers pay careful attention to every detail of each student for their overall development. The schools see to it that these activities do not put a strenuous load on the students, yet it improves the liveliness and excitement in students’ life.

A Structured Curriculum

The framework of the curriculum is designed to cover all the aspects of academics along with physical training. The best boarding schools in India are backed by eminent teachers and educationalists to encourage the students in every walk of life. Numerous groups and clubs are created for various activities such as Science Clubs, Literature Clubs, Art & Crafts Clubs, Music & Dance Club, and other sports clubs. The students are motivated to participate in different clubs according to their desires. The students learn the importance of time-management, leadership, team spirit, self-awareness and inculcate the same in their style of living, without the need for constant help.

A Healthy Body leads to a Sound Mind

The Food and dietary supplements are one of the most important priorities in the growth and development of the students. The best boarding schools in India provide the students with healthy and well-nourished menus, under the guidance of an expert dietician. These meals and refreshments contribute positively to their health and education.

In this hi-tech age, the primary objective of the working & non-working parents lies in providing their children with better education and making them understand the value of time in their life. These boarding schools serve as the perfect destinations, where the students follow a well-organized life and stay away from the harmful territories such as addiction to gadgets, careless attitude towards others, dependent on others for errands, etc. By leading a disciplined and systematically arranged life, the children grow up to be industrious and socially responsible citizens.


Celebrate Your Little One’s Childhood at Top Rated Preschool in India

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school activity
Orange Day

Childhood should be about nurturing the world of knowledge, learning, and imagination into little minds with utmost sophistication and care. At Aparnaa World School, the preschool programs are developmentally appropriate and are designed with a curriculum that is specialized to specific age groups.

Every child brings with them deep curiosity and potential and at Aparnaa, one of the leading preschools in Odisha, we drive this innate curiosity towards their interest to understand their world and their place within it, at their own pace.

Favorable Curricula: Our child-directed curriculum allows us to nurture competent learners. Our trained faculty study and understand children’s interests and do not just provide instruction in reading and writing, instead, our approach is more focused towards the belief that children learn more through active interaction with others, including parents, and peers in a friendly and accepting environment.

Instilling a love for school and learning is at the heart of all of our preschool programs. With our rated-best programs, children are in a safe learning environment with opportunities to innovate, explore, create, and participate in engaging learning activities and interact with other children and teaching staff. Our programs are built on the strengths and diverse backgrounds of children and families.

We are the largest preschool in Odisha and our experience in providing outstanding intellectual development to preschoolers stems from our vast experience in childhood education research and its practical application to create the best possible setting for children and their families.

Our unique learning environment sparks intellectual growth and discovery while our creative curriculum, which combines the traditional and the progressive methods of learning, supports each student’s social, emotional, physical and cognitive growth.

How K-12 learning system influences Indian education?

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K-12 Learning System

The K-12 learning system is an emerging learning module attuned with the ever evolving landscape of 21st Century’s education system. It aims to provide the students with real life skills, improve their inherent ability and encourage them through innovative learning techniques. In India, the quality of an educational institution is highly dependent on the syllabus and pedagogy offered.

The guardians and parents these days, are more aware and involved in the kind of education their children receive. They mostly choose schools that provide all-round facilities to their students. K-12 educational system includes both primary and secondary education under one umbrella which means education from Kindergarten to 12th grade is offered in one single institution, facilitating more teacher-student communication. This modern revolutionary impact is all about introducing new technologies and best methods of teaching, as well as learning.

The Current Scenario of K12 Education

The K-12 education system has started gaining recognition and importance in the recent years. In a significant development, the government has also begun showing some active interest to promote it. The government has made primary education, compulsory and free throughout the country which resulted in more educational institutions offering the K12 Education System.

  • The students get a constant learning environment, as they study in the same school from kindergarten to Twelfth grade. It also enables teachers to focus more on individual students since they get to know them from their kindergarten days.
  • This method of learning offers a student-centered curriculum, where they can more actively concentrate in the learning process. It allows the students to excel not only in their academic domain, but also in non-academic domains.
  • K12 education system opens new doors for the students, including a greater possibility to get admission in leading colleges which significantly increases the student’s chance of finding a higher paying job. They can get the opportunity to build a network, acquire more skills and also find a career in their interested field.
  • The teachers play a vital role in making learning more interactive and interesting in the classroom. They also encourage the students to enhance their non-academic skills.
  • Moreover, many new methods have become a part of the curriculum like assignments, Q&A sessions, e-learning through various educational websites etc.
  • These methods of practices help in providing individual attention to students, unlike the conventional teaching method where the students were made to just sit and listen to the lectures.

Through K12 learning system, masterminds are created who can become assets, to the school along with the society. This significant education system is the main reason behind the welfare of society, and is crucial to the survival and growth of developing countries with an increasing number of the young minds. The strategy of this modern education style is to also help the students to be more reliable, self-determining, and indulgent. Therefore, this methodology is being introduced by more and more educational institutions in India.

5 Trending Reasons Why a Private School is Better Than a Government School

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Every parent wants their children to receive the best education possible to safeguard their career ahead. It is also a necessity for all the children to be trained in an appropriate environment and be guided by well-qualified instructors. As per the feedback from parents and guardians in the region, private schools in Jharsuguda are offering better facilities in terms of academic and non-academic domains which are a must to channelize the career of their children to a proper direction. This is quite a significant and motivating factor that helps the parents in their decision to send their kids to private schools instead of government ones.

1.Improved Academic Performance:

In many cases, the teacher-to-student ratio in government schools is much more compared to that of private schools. This leads to lack of proper guidance and attributes towards a decreased performance rate of the students.  These educational institutes have well-qualified teachers who individually take care of each student’s intellectual development every day.

2.Unparalleled Safety:

It is always worth a debate whether Government schools are safe or not, but it is a fact that every private school takes utmost care in providing top-notch security to its students. Moreover, most of these schools work hard in creating a warm as well as inviting environment for their students. It facilitates all students with a homely atmosphere to make them feel comfortable and safe, which helps the students to focus completely on their studies.

3.Encouraging Sports Programs:

Parents who are invested in developing their child’s athletic potential, often choose a private school. Furthermore, in private schools, sports are the mandatory add-on to the curriculum where the students are encouraged to participate in different types of sports and games. Today, sports activities are given the same priority as that of the academic domain in these institutions, as it is a widely accepted fact that inclusion of sports provides a balanced approach to education.

4.University Ready:

Most private institutions place a high importance on preparing its students for colleges and universities. By providing advanced learning systems, strong academic curriculum, modern day amenities like fully equipped libraries, computer and science labs, gyms etc., private schools are winning the race from government schools for making students college-ready.

5.Emphasis on Extracurricular Activities:

The extracurricular activities like arts and music programs are on the chopping block, showing the main reason that State education budgets are being slashed across the whole country.  Private schools fuel their students’ talent and passion for pursuing a career in arts, theatre, drawing, music, dance and others by providing them with a much-needed platform to learn and showcase the same.


Why India Thinks English Medium School is Encouraging Western Culture?

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Aparna World School
English medium school

Fun activities in  a school

English is a foreign language for India and this may be the reason why many Indians still think that an English medium school may affect their culture and values.

People are hesitating to accept the fact that western culture is not bad and is not affecting any other culture. It is the surrounding of the kids, which affects their behavior or nature. English is a global language as it is spoken in almost every country in the world. So it is always a smart decision to send kids to an private school for their intellectual development at a global scale. India is a developing country and it is now representing itself at many global platforms by identifying as an educated nation.

Why Guardians Should Choose an English Medium School   

#1.  Easy communication worldwide:

Today Indians are scaling new heights everyday by achieving success all over the world. If the people of India will not be smart enough to talk and understand English properly, all the talent that the countrymen possess will go in vain. An CBSE school encourages the students to be confident enough to handle any situation smartly.

#2.  Better career opportunities in future:

Non- English medium school students face difficulties after joining in an college. Sometimes these difficulties, continues while appearing in job interviews. On other hand, English medium school students, mostly don’t have to go through the hurdles of facing any language barriers in their careers ahead.

Simply Put…

The students of CBSE school are getting empowered to be compassionate, responsive towards the culture. While they are becoming a holistic person with a scientific temper in an environment of sharing and caring. So, the conclusion of the argument is that the western culture is just culture of the English people. So, learning in an English medium school, will not, in any way temper or hamper this nation’s ethics, values and culture.

Why Parents Are Opting for Day Boarding Schools

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Day Boarding Schools

Well-designed perfect school classrooms that boost the success of students


The emergence of day boarding schools dates back to ancient India days era when parents used to send their wards to Gurukulas and Ashrams. What used to be a concept of the full-fledged hostel has now evolved into the day-boarding facility in most schools in Odisha.

Leading day boarding school in Odisha are taking on more and more numbers of boarders who spend most of their waking hours at school while only going home to sleep attributing to their parents’ rigorous working hours. These pupils can spend most of their life at school in the week, eating all their meals on site and remaining there as late as 10 pm.

Schools in Odisha are reporting a rising demand for day-boarding, particularly among families where both parents work long or unpredictable hours. The trend is particularly pronounced at schools within commuting distance of Jharsuguda, allowing City workers to cope with demanding jobs without an army of caretakers.

Optimized Learning with Added Benefits

  • There are schools in Odisha providing day boarding facility which is a respite for working parents. International schools like Aparnaa World School offers state-of-the-art boarding facilities which include extended day school up to 6 pm (day-boarding), five-day boarding (weekends with parents) and regular seven-day boarding with a fully equipped infirmary with a school doctor and nurses available round the clock.
  • Parents usually opt for such schools, especially those living in the close vicinity of the school knowing that the future of their wards is in safe hands of a school which is a pioneer in introducing the concept of day boarding and residential schools in Odisha.

Treading New Paths of Schooling

  • Gone are the days when parents had to wait for holiday seasons to visit and meet their kids. With the introduction of day boarding schools, parents have more accessibility to their wards life, albeit in a limited way.
  • The accessibility of communication systems available in schools allows the students to stay in touch with their parents round the clock. Multi-cuisine dishes tickle the palates of the students in such a manner that they grow to love their schools as a second home.
  • Comfort is important, resident students in boarding enjoy the benefits of the fantastic sports facilities that are on offer. The boarding facilities are built in keeping with international standards and are aligned with the parameters put forth by school’s vision of providing top-notch education amidst a fun and caring environment.

Most of the day boarding schools in Odisha are also well equipped with a perfect mixture of advanced technology, modern pedagogy, culture and innovation, all available at a global platform. There are experienced professionals who are leading the co-curricular activities, making such schools an ideal option for more and more parents.