How is Project Based Teaching Helps Your Kids in Learning?

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Kids learningThe transformation in the education industry has started lately. With the evolution of Information Technology, almost all the industry players are transforming to the digital world to provide better services. And educational institutions are no exemption. This technological transformation in the educational industry is changing the way the teachers teaching in private schools.

This has influenced to a considerable shift to the more hands-on approach to teaching which involves teaching with technology resources such as AV projections, projects, assignments, discussions etc. from the normal teaching methodologies involving one-way communication. Here we have briefed how project-based teaching helps your kids.

Assessment Skills Improvement

Assessment is the first step for solving any problem or issue. Projects let the kids look at different aspects of the project while strategizing. From mapping their head on all the difficulty prone areas to relatively ease cases according to their thinking. By doing this, kids will learn how to assess the problem effectively and formulate strategies to solve the problem.

Kids will Learn Prioritizing

Problems are quite intricate in the real world with lots of delicate and sensitive issues. Even though there available many tasks to finish off, there might be a few tasks which need to be finished earlier. Kids will learn how to prioritize the aspects based on their urgency and help them to achieve the final goal depending on the circumstances.

Teaches Time Management

Time management is obviously the essential skill which is required for everyone. Teachers will assign the projects to the children with a specific deadline on or before which kids have to submit the project. While working on the projects and strives to meet deadlines, kids learn the importance of time management. The time management skill they have learned will help them in every aspect throughout their life.
Aparnaa World School course curriculum includes academic projects, sports, and games, extra-curricular activities to help your children learn skills. Our teachers will guide your kids in every aspect thereby supports them to fulfill their short-term and long-term career goals.

What are the Aspects to Consider While Admitting Your Children in School

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best schoolFinalizing the best school to admit the children is the toughest decision parents make in their life. When it comes to their child education, many of the parents want to make sure that they have all the facts and analysis before choosing the best school. Particularly, deciding to admit your children in English medium school is the crucial decision because it could have a lasting impact on your children’s lifestyle, friends, and others. Here we have listed a few points about those schools that you need to know before deciding on admitting your children in school.

How Do Schools Help Your Child?

Many people say that enrolling the children in boarding schools is the best commitments that you can make to help your children to achieve success in career. This is because; those schools provide rigorous learning opportunities that are balanced with engaging extra-curricular activities. While studying at the schools only, the teachers at boarding schools will teach your children about the work ethics that is necessary to excel at university and beyond.


Will Teachers at  Schools guide children?

Students who joined school will have confidence and independence. If the student is facing any issues, boarding schools staff will try to understand the issues immediately to help the student stay comfortable. For any school, the health and wellness of the student is the top priority.


Why Schools Always Encourage Lifelong Learning?

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boarding school

Many of the top performers of the educational industry claim that the key to their success is a devotion to lifelong learning. All the necessities including shifting economies, new technologies have to be adaptable for students and professional. Today’s boarding schools have recognized the need for lifetime learning and encourage the skillset and characteristics within the course curriculum.

Innovation is the Key for Success of Schools

The hard work, innovation, and determination drive the success of the organization. All the students with ingenious ideas always try to come up with innovative ideas that can take the world by storm. Schools encourage students to acquire knowledge and experience to help them in becoming leaders of tomorrow

Professionals Require Lifelong Learning

The benefits of lifelong learning extend far better than just generating new ideas which drastically shows the impact on career. With the evolution of the latest technologies including Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, automation and others, professionals who want to learn lifelong got huge scope for learning. The reason behind this is today’s employers always tries to hire employees who wish to evolve throughout their working lives and wish to grow.

Encourage Students to Learn and Develop

The school’s teaching and non-teaching staff work hard to create a pleasant environment that instills a love of learning. From encouraging them to tap into their creativity, dance, sing, play or try innovation, schools help all the students to realize and recognize the joy and value that comes with continuous learning.

We, at Aparnaa World school, coincides implement advanced learning methodologies and technologies to help students to tap their individual talents for their own fulfillment, as well as for the betterment of our community both on a local and global level. Education of the Trust; Caring Community; Individuality; Healthy, Learning; Whole Person; Citizenship and Environmental Stewardship are the core values informing our community and academic program.

Problems Faced By Students Studying in Newly Established Schools

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boarding schoolMany parents tend to admit their children in newly established boarding school when compared to old or traditional schools. The reason might be the latest technologies and methodologies implemented by the newly established schools to teach education to the kids in a better way. But, there are a few problems associated with newly formed schools you need to consider while choosing newly established schools to admit your children. Here we have listed a few.

Newly Established Schools lacks in strong cultures and traditions

Being a newly formed school, there might be a history of traditions and cultures implemented in the school. Traditional can be related to the academic, cultural or political. Unlike the older schools which have a tradition of sending at least 10 percent of their students into Army, IIT or any other prestigious careers, newly formed schools will have less clarity for students.

Most Newly established Schools Lacks better infrastructure

Schools need to have better infrastructure to help the students in achieving their career goals. Infrastructure can be sports fields, sports equipment, library, auditoriums etc. Being newly formed schools, most schools lack in the infrastructure which requires some serious investments. So, in the schools without infrastructure, people have to struggle a lot.

No Alumni Network

Boarding School alumni network will help the students of schools by guiding, providing training providing materials etc. It would purely depend on the how many students have graduated through the school over the years. The schools which enter into the market less than 5 years ago will only have an alumni network of only 4 years. Even though this will not affect the students directly, there might be a chance that the lack of alumni network will affect the students indirectly.

However, Aparna World School houses full advanced infrastructure which helps teachers to implement better methodologies to provide education to the students in a better way. And the widespread alumni network of the school will support the students in every aspect.




Top 3 Reasons to Admit Your Children in English Medium Schools

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English medium schoolsChoosing the best school to admit the children involves various decisions. From choosing between English Medium School or normal schools to boarding school, parents have to research a lot before finalizing schools. Particularly, choosing the best between schools teaching in English and regional languages is more difficult because both have benefits and drawbacks. Here we have mentioned a few reasons why it is advisable to admit your children in the schools which introduce English to children from childhood itself.

English is Becoming Vital These Days

Majority of the people across the world knows English. Regardless of the traditional language, most of the people know English. A person with English knowledge can survive anywhere across the world. Along with this, many of the technologies such as computers, mobiles etc., are made up of English only. If your children lack fluency in the English language, it can be a huge hindrance in the future.

Early Introduction of English Language Build Comfort

The sooner you introduce English to your children; it will be easier for them to learn it. If you admit your children in English Medium Schools in Odisha, they will have English language basement from childhood only. The teachers at schools will help your children learn English fluency, communication skills, and correct mistakes and guide the children to achieve their goals.

Children Learn from Mistakes

Teenage or matured people feel shy about doing mistakes when compared to children. The older is the age, people are more conscious about doing mistakes. If you admit your children in English Medium Schools in their childhood, they will learn English very fast. Mistakes are most common. They will do mistakes, learn from the mistakes and achieve success.
Admitting children in most advanced schools where the teachers will help them grow is important. In this competitive world, children should be smart enough to enter the market.





How to Get Your Kid Ready for Play Schools?

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play schoolsAdmitting kids to play schools for the first time is the scariest thing ever for parents. Every kid is different from others in various aspects including behavior, communication, and others. Some might be very talkative, some might be very reserved and some might fear to interact with people and some might be friendly with others. Preschools in Odisha will help the children to learn skills which can help them in achieving goals. But, parents have to teach a few things to their kids to let them ready for kindergarten.

Teach How to Share

Sharing things with others is one of the most important social skills that play schools in Odisha teach your children. Even though your kid knows about sharing concept earlier, make them practice this habit regularly. If your children see, you sharing something with others, they will try to follow. You can also teach them the sharing habit by playing different games that involve sharing practices.

Teach Emotions

Emotions play a major role in everyone’s life. Understanding how others feel during tough times is one of the hardest parts of learning. It is very important to make the children learn this skill because it is useful for them throughout the life. Try to interact with your children and ask how they will feel like if they are in the place of the person who is facing the toughest situation in TV programme or other real cases.

Teach Them How to write their names

Teaching kids how to write their first name and last name is important. Many teachers say that it is advisable for parents to teach their kids how to write their name before admitting them to play schools. This would let the children feel comfortable and habituated with their name. Help your kids to start practicing writing their first name and last name and teach them to capitalize the first letter of the name will help them stay ahead of all the kids in school.

Many best day schools including Aparnaa World School in Odisha houses skilled teachers who can teach essential ‘communication skills to the kids. Teachers always tried to interact with kids and maintain a friendly relation with kids to teach them in a better way.

Strategies of Private Schools in Odisha to Develop Critical Thinking in Kids

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Private schools in odisha

In today’s technologically growing fast world, creative thinking is imperative for every kid. Many research reports conducted by private schools in Odisha reveals more than half percentage of kids who spend time with electronic gadgets will have weak communication skills. The increasing usage of mobile phones, video games, television programs make the kids more addicted to the digital devices.

Due to this, many kids now a day’s lacks in Creative Thinking which is more essential to be successful in life. Even though there are no particular strategies that support your children in learning critical thinking, here we have mentioned a few strategies followed by private schools in Odisha which might help you in this aspect.

Give Some Space to Play

Parents always ask children to study and earn good grades which help children in achieving their career goals and settle well. But, games let the children to think creatively in most of the aspects. Be it a indoor game like Chess or outdoor game like Cricket, every games teaches creative thinking and good skills to the children.

Give Some Time to Guess

Most of the boarding schools in Odisha teachers give small gaps while teaching anything. This lets the children to think and guess the continuation of the topic. So, it is advisable to offer your children with ample time to think and allow them to reflect a response.

Ask Open ended Questions

Instead of asking simple and direct questions, try out asking questions which are more difficult to answer. Question belongs to this group will make children to think more by asking questions in return. Whatever be the answer, correct or wrong, encourage him to give as many answers as they can.

Of course, there are a few cases in which parents need to step in and help the schools to make their children actively participate in the activities organized. Aparnaa World School holds professional staff with experience in top CBSE schools to help your children in learning skills and achieve success in life.





Best Boarding Schools Strategies to Attract Kids Towards Schools, Make Them Achieve Success

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best boarding schools

The first impression always matters. Schools and the education system is no exception. And particularly, when introducing Boarding schools to the kids who are enjoying the school-free life playing at home or playschools is obviously a difficult task. If in a worst case, kid hates school, then that would be fatal which won’t let them go school ever. Even though this statement looks simple, the consequences may result negatively. To avoid these cases, the teachers of best boarding schools implement a few strategies which will attract innocent kids towards schools.

Name Boards for the Seat of Children

When asked newly joined children to sit in the place wherever they want, most of the children will be in a confused state. They will feel embarrassed by the situation as they can’t decide which seat to choose. This may make them feel unwelcome. To cope with this, teachers of best boarding schools in Odisha allocate seats to the children and place name boards to make them feel excited.

Interaction and Student-friendly

Without interaction, everything will be strange for everyone. Instead, of start teaching the academics from the first day which will make them the fear of teachers and schools, best boarding school teachers will interact with them for better communication. They will encourage kids to tell about rhymes, funny stories, and others they learned from their grandparents or other people. This will help them move friendly with kids.

Teach with real-time examples

Kids feel bored and difficult to understand the academics. This may be the reason why many children don’t show much interest to go to the school. And this also may be the reason why they hate teachers. School teacher will explain the academic subjects with real-time examples to make the kids understand the concept clearly. By doing this, CBSE School teachers can not only make the children understand the subject but also inspire them to achieve success in life.
Our student friendly teachers at Aparnaa World School will interact with children to know the strengths and weakness of the children. And help them to overcome those by guiding them in a better way.


Odisha Best School: What are the Benefits of Public Schools over Home Schooling

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odisha best school

When it comes to the children education, parents research well to make sure that they find Odisha best school that can provide the children with the best education possible. In general, there are three options namely, public schools in Odisha, private schools in Odisha and home schools. Even though the private schools provide better education to the children, the rising costs of the private school is a burden for many parents. So, many parents of many children who can’t afford the budget of private schools will opt for public schools.

On the other hand, the melting heart of the parents every day when they have to wake children up early and rush them to school forces parents to look for an alternative. Due to this, many parents prefer homeschooling (schooling at home) than other options. Here, we have detailed the benefits of public schools over homeschooling.

Structured Education in Odisha best School

When compared to the Homeschooling, the public schools will have the more structured curriculum. With the years of experience understanding the children psychology and capability, teachers prepare the better planned academic curriculum. This will help children to learn education in a systemized way.

Coverage of Subjects

In Homeschooling, parents may limit or eliminate some subjects. This may be due to the reason that they feel these subjects can’t help the children in reaching their goals. But, in public Odisha best schools, the teachers will help your children to learn a range of subjects including Maths, Humanities, different languages, Science, Literature, and others. And this enables the children for greater exposure.

Skilled and Trained Teachers

Although, the parents are well educated and with good subject knowledge, they may lack in teaching skills. Contrary, the trainers, and teachers at public schools in India are fully trained and having relevant experience in teaching the children. Hence, these people can help the children to understand the subjects and helps in building the career.

When choosing the best public schools like Aparna World School, parents need to check the infrastructure of the schools, teacher skills and success stories of the students studied in the schools etc. Being parents, you have to help your children to learn skills to make them grow.

Which is the Best Option Among K-12 Boarding Schools in India and Day School?

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K-12 Boarding Schools

The discussion for suggesting the best one among the K-12 boarding schools in India and day schools in India is age old and you can hear different voices and opinions. Many of the parents will get confused while choosing about where to admit their children for the better education, nurturing environment and understanding teaching staff. To let you know, here we’ve published a detailed analysis of the education in K-12 schools and normal schools.


Discipline is obviously being the first thing the children have to learn in schools because it helps them in building professional career and life. When compared to the K-12 education in India, the day schools will have more number of students which makes it somewhat difficult for teachers or trainers to concentrate on students personally. On the other hand, the boarding school’s foremost function is to make children learn discipline which can help them to lead a life of punctuality and orientation.

Boarding School is an Ideal in many cases

K-12 Boarding schools in India is the ideal choice for families where both parents are working, travelling more or separated. If the home is far away from the city or town with no schools nearby, then the hostels will be the only choice to admit the children.

Sports and Extracurricular

When compared to the normal schools, the infrastructure for sports at K-12 Boarding schools in Odisha is excellent. The trainers there will encourage every child to take part of at least one outdoor sport to serve confidence among children and help them to be physical fit. Apart from participating in sports, students will be also encouraged to take part in extracurricular activities. This builds team spirit and help in intellectual development.

However, both the K-12 learning  and day schools will have its advantages and disadvantages. But, when compared to the normal ones, the boarding schools like Aparnaa World School have is preferable for most of the parents to admit their children.