?> Best Schools in Odisha Helps Students to Become Global Citizens

How Aparnaa World School Helps Students to Become Global Citizens

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Global education is something that is very important to me. Because I believe that our future is going to be built by our young generation”, said Anousheh Ansari after she became the 1st Iranian woman to be in space. The primary role of education is to enable students with skills, aptitudes and reasoning required to be effective and competitive in current and future world systems. Today with a rapid cultural exchange that is happening between nations, education needs to be an evolving global program. And to drive such a program we need global institutions and world schools to bridge the gap between communities and break language barriers. As one of the firsts, Aparnaa World School – one of the best schools in Odisha has successfully achieved the paradigm of a global institution opening new opportunities for growth.

Aparnaa World School’s uniquely crafted academic calendar packs in a diverse spectrum of activities and programs that sync with the interests and requirements of the students. The school provides a much-needed global exposure to its students through numerous student exchange programs, international Olympiads, exhibitions, talent shows, expeditions etc. Aparnaa World School aims to equip the learner with capabilities, skills and vision to grow as leaders of tomorrow and contribute to the community in their respective fields.

Hence, the school brings international collaboration such as the British council to school to develop a global out front. As one of the best schools in Odisha, Aparnaa helps its students to build a strong command over their language, especially English. Since the school is CBSE affiliated, students also get opportunities to learn foreign languages like German, French, and Mandarin etc. Students enjoy all the perks of a truly global school like access to a global knowledge base, international seminars, talent shows and much more.

Aparnaa World School opens for admission soon in 2020. Click here to know more about the process. Follow our blog [here].