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Importance of Developing a Reading Habit in the Early Years of a Student

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Language and Literature are two of the biggest treasures known to mankind. Books, as we know for the record are the greatest tools ever invented. They contain almost everything that has happened, discovered or experienced in this world to be passed for generations to come. Lloyd Alexander once said- “Books are one of the marvelous adventures anyone can have”. As one of the best private schools in Odisha, We, at Aparnaa World School believe that reading can take you places you didn’t know existed and fill your mind ideas. And ideas are what can fuel the change in this world. All of these funnels down to this one thought that – reading can bring wisdom develop good character and open up new windows to see this world, and a habit of it can give birth to something extraordinary.

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At Aparnaa World School, good habits are cultured within students from the early years of schooling. They include good mannerisms, polite behavior, active reading, etc. We believe that among all the good habits, the habit of regular reading has countless benefits. When a child starts reading a book, he/she gets engaged in a one-to-one conversation between the mind and the content. Books can tell you about history, take you the times when important events took place that has shaped our world we see today. Books can teach positive values, spirituality, and love. A habit of regular reading can increase self-confidence, boost memory and imagination power. When students read different books across different genres, it improves their vocabulary, command over language and reading speeds. This adds a lot to presentation skills and helps in competitive exams.

Apart from that what reading mostly does is keeps our children away from the electronic screens that affect their eye-sight and memory. Every minute spent on reading a book, journal or even newspaper, saves them from infinite scrolling over them consuming social networks. As one of the best private schools in Odisha we induce many activities and programs revolving around reading like book exchange programs, trips to book fairs, book recommendations, etc. to make students take interest in effective reading. Aparnaa World School is a leading academic institution in Odisha committed to transforming lives through education with one person at a time.