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Best Out of Waste Competition at One of the Top 10 Schools in India

By October 31, 2017News & Events
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School activity at international school – Aparnaa World School

Recycling and managing waste is the best way to reduce litters which results in reduced environmental pollution. Creating the best out of waste is an art in itself, which is the outcome of one’s innovation and creativity. On 1st Sept 2017, Aparnaa World School, one of the top 10 schools in India, organized “Best Out of Waste” competition. The competition was arranged within its school campus. In this competition, the students made innovative and useful objects by using only the waste materials.

Summary of the Competition

The students participated in the competition with great joy and zeal. The teachers along with other school staffs actively helped and encouraged the participants. The competition was an inter-house event, the students were divided into groups to team up and display their creative skills. The students discovered innovative ideas to use the waste materials effectively. They used varieties of elements like small rocks, pieces of cotton, feathers, old newspapers, broken toys, etc., and created lovely useful things.
At the end of this event, students made excellent goods like showpieces, pen stands, toys and much more. The children got a chance to showcase their artistic talent through this competition. It inspired them to do more innovative creations. All the teachers along with the principal appreciated the students’ work. Lastly, prizes were distributed to the winners by the principal.

Message from the Competition

The competition held at one of the top 10 schools in India, taught students to love the nature. It made them understand about recycling and reusing of waste materials. Everything around us can be reused. By using the waste materials one can ultimately clean the environment and can save money by recycling.