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A School with a Divine Motto – Aparnaa World School

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The foundations for Aparnaa World School were laid with a vision of transforming the lives with quality education and intrinsic values. The aim was Building an institution that holds the power of harnessing inner positivity and productivity of every individual associated with it. Since 2014, Aparnaa World School has been delivering academic excellence with its highly interactive environment and skilled staff. The school empowers its students to be compassionate and responsive towards important aspects of life and be ready for every challenge. Comprehensive education in a dynamic atmosphere encourages students to discover their hidden talents and interests. But what makes the school so unique and special are its roots to spirituality. Aparnaa World School is perhaps one of the best boarding schools in Jharsuguda that preaches a balanced environment of modernity and spirituality around its campus. Such values and relevance are often rare and hard to find.

Best boarding schools in Jharsuguda

When Aparnaa foundation started functioning, the school was established with a divine motto of ‘Satyam vada dharmam chara’ which means ‘Speak the truth, lead a righteous life’. These powerful and enlightening words from the Taittarya Upanishad justify the value of supreme human traits like honesty, discipline and righteousness. Such values are the core of human empathy that power the inner enlightenment and growth of an individual. The school focuses on the importance of such values and passes them to the students through its holistic educational practices. The school achieves a remarkable balance between traditions and modernity which ultimately happen to be the epitome of roots for the students.

Best boarding schools in JharsugudaAlong with academic and co-curricular, Aparnaa World School’s coherent spiritual practices have helped students and young adults of the locality to deal with mental problems like peer pressure, stress, prickle mindedness etc. A school putting such efforts to influence lives at so many levels certainly makes it one of best boarding schools in Jharsuguda, Odisha. With a goal of true greatness, Aparnaa World School is on its way to redefine the modern education system.